Xbox One And PS4 Shipments In Q4 2013 Expected To Hit 2.5 To 3 Million Each – Analyst

In North America, the figure is expected to reachbewteen 1.5-2 million each, and while many analysts are giving Sony’s PS4 an edge in the region, Sebastian said the firm expects “similar or even slightly higher sales of Xbox One,” by the end of the launch window.

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DEEBO1852d ago

Yeah now add that number up with the rest of the worldwide sales.

BobBelcher1852d ago

US and EU are the primary markets to win.

DEEBO1852d ago

They are two of the biggest markets but sony is going to sell in both of them plus more in other regions.

you seen the commercial with the little kids and the man ask them more is better right?

I would rather rule the world then just two regions of it.

Pogmathoin1852d ago

Thanks Deebo for that assurance, for a moment I thought Xbox would do well.... had me stressed out...

Langkasuka1852d ago

Sony has opened a PS hub and office in Singapore back in April 2013. They've combined Japan and South East Asia into one demographic. PC has always been dominant here because console games company tend to overlook our potential. Until now.

Volkama1852d ago

Check the full article

The analyst actually says that worldwide figures are about the same, despite the number of countries Sony are launching in.

So worldwide figures are about the same, US figures are about the same. If the analyst is analysing accurately then Sony must be spreading their consoles thin across those extra countries.

Not that any of that should really bother you or me, so long as we get our consoles :)

quinten4881852d ago

Sony will have worldwide domination

GreenRanger1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I'm expecting both consoles to sell around four million between launch and March.

djplonker1852d ago

sony will dominate europe (again) and it will probably be close in Na....

world wide 65-35% to sony I reckon

not quite 2:1

Hicken1852d ago

I don't think it'll be close here in the US. Not as close as many people are predicting, anyway. 3:2 or so, which at a million sales for the XB1, would see half a million more for PS4, a significant difference at launch.

And outside the US? Forget about it.

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