Alienware offering $200 rebate for old consoles

With new consoles a few weeks away, many would like to see you trade your current gen-consoles in. Surprisingly one of those companies is Alienware. They want your used PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii system. By trading in a working console, you'll be able to get a $200 rebate off an Alienware computer.

The promo site (via IGN) suggests picking up the Alienware X51, which starts at $699. After the rebate, that could make it cost pretty much the same as an Xbox One. The basic rig is equipped with 6gb of RAM and a GTX 645 graphics card.

It's an interesting offer, especially given the benefits of joining the PC Master Race. In terms of cash back, it also beats GameStop significantly. The game retailer is only offering $110 for Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.

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zeal0us978d ago

Had me at the "Alienware offering $200 for old consoles" but lost me at the "you'll be able to get a $200 rebate off an Alienware computer."

DoctorJones978d ago

What did you expect exactly?

ATi_Elite978d ago

He lost me at "Alienware"

Alienware home to the most OVERPRICED but UNDER POWERED PC's you can buy.

HammadTheBeast978d ago

Agreed. If you're going to critisize consoles for being underpowered, don't bother with an alienware.

NeoTribe978d ago

They do have the worlds most powerful laptops though. You won't find an 11inch laptop as strong as the mx11. But yeah there brutally expensive.

tee_bag242977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

I'd agree you'd be a fool to buy an Alienware PC - Ugly, overpriced, and underpowered for the money. But I'd admit. I am abit of an Alienware laptop fanboy as expensive as they are, but I have my reasons.
My m18x is pulling a 3D Mark 11 score of 16,000, for those that know, those numbers put most high end single GPU desktops to shame.

Anyway Id recommend a X51 for someone who wants to get into PC gaming that can't build their own computer. $200 off makes the whole unit pretty cheap.

JAT2304978d ago

"It's an interesting offer, especially given the benefits of joining the PC Master Race."


RBlue_Desire978d ago

Yes you get a GTX 645 which might play games at medium settings at 1080p.

JAT2304978d ago

I was being facetious, the guy claiming the PC Master Race......

ATi_Elite978d ago

CORRECTION - you get a GTX645 which might play games at medium settings at 1080p in your $5000 Alienware PC.

Better and Cheaper to build a PC.

duplissi978d ago

Still better than a ps3 and xbox 360... about on par with the xbox one.

RBlue_Desire977d ago

Lol guys, It was also sarcasm.

Anyone without the budged of 1000$ should give up building pc that would play games at 1080p high. Also you must pre own a OS and Monitor.

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GrandTheftZamboni978d ago ImmatureShow
pixelsword977d ago

I don't like that "PC master race" crap; it's too hitleresque in it's statement.

TheBrit978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

Actually that's a great deal.

My computer is dying. they will give me $200 for a wii that I never use, and an additional $50 if I order before Nov 2nd.

SlapHappyJesus978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

Just build your own.
If that's not your cup of tea, just buy a pre-built from almost anywhere else. A lot of places have rigs with more than enough ram, win 7, an i7 and a 780 . . . and that's in the $1,500 range. There's the AMD alternatives to that, as well as cheaper builds that would bring that cost down quite a bit.

Long story short, even with that deal, Alienware is never worth its cost no matter how you look at it.

TheBrit978d ago

That's all I used to do was build and overclock my own. I don't need a gaming true gaming p.c, more like a family p.c and something my son can play better games on than the all-in-one gateway that's dying.

That Alien is only $699 before I start knocking off the rebates so it's a pretty decent deal.

Nocando978d ago

Been screwed too many times on rebates....

Jochy978d ago

Can that rig run ff14 at full settings?? Please let me known I am kinda interest....... Thank you

duplissi978d ago


you can build one that will for about 500 bucks.

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