How Forza 5 and the Xbox One use the cloud to drive machine-learning AI

Ars - "For months now, Microsoft has been touting how Xbox One games will be able to make use of cloud computing resources to handle certain time-insensitive tasks that aren't really feasible to calculate on a single local box. While Microsoft has gone into some detail on how this process works, a lot of the company's talk has taken the form of vague hand-waving about how the magic of the cloud will make everything more powerful."

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Gekko361795d ago

Pretty cool stuff - Looking forward to going for gold with this.

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CRAIG6671795d ago

Awesome - Squashing trolls and personalizing AI

The danger from learning based on real humans, of course, is that the system might end up learning from groups of racers who are either unintentionally bad or intentionally goofing around in the game. Even in the limited sample of developers currently contributing to the system, Greenawalt admits "we have asshats in our group that I work with every day. They're already trying to train it and troll it."

This is where some minimal human judgment comes in to prune the more lackluster learned behaviors generated by the Drivatar system. "We manually tell it... 'Don't learn that type of thing,'" Greenawalt said. "It creates a new behavior, it says 'Hey, I've seen a lot of this, I'm going to do this thing.' We say 'Don't do that whole thing, and if you ever see anybody do this thing, just forget about it.'"

Gekko361790d ago

Maybe, maybe not. It's open to abuse, but it's still a shiny new toy to play with.

I feel like it'll be that Christmas (Magic Baby Day)morning feeling when your five years old and Father Christmas has been.

I'm grinning like Jim Carey here.

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ANIALATOR1361795d ago

isnt it just a ghost car with a different name

Elit3Nick1795d ago

a ghost car is essentially just replaying someone's best lap with the ghost car having no collisions, here multiple driver habits are integrated within the AI itself, it won't try to always follow the same line that it's player does, it will adjust to things like getting cornered off, someone wiping out on course, etc.

mhunterjr1795d ago

It's not a ghost car. A ghost car drives the same race, the same lines every time. It doesn't react to what's going on around it at all. It's simply a playback of a recording.

This drivatar system is recognizing the 'tendencies' of real players in real situations, and creating a AI that emulates those behaviors. And as the player gets starts to get better and make better decisions, so will his/her corresponding drivatar.

It's really not like a ghost car at all.

Nocando1795d ago

Xbox One day 1, but I am tiring of this particular coverage.

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