The Biggest Problem with Pokémon X/Y: Team Flare

After Pokémon Black and White were released, it seemed like Nintendo and Game Freak wanted to put some more thought and depth into the series to make it a more believable, living world. But with Pokemon X and Y they have taken a step back creating a game without the same shades of grey.

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General-Morpice1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I agree with most of the article; this game is so good that team flare really stands out a lot as the only disappointment. I mean that first meeting with Lysandre gave me the impression that even the grunts would be well educated and mature, as he is, but I couldn't help but notice how shallow and seemingly self involved they all were.

Infact, in this current condition, not having an evil team at all would've been more appropriate. I mean imagine the countless number of scenarios that can be made with the legendaries alone. MANY!!