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Submitted by Abriael 840d ago | news

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Surpasses 1.5 Million Accounts, Patch 2.1 Coming in December

Square Enix announced that FFXIV reached 1.5 million registered accounts in two months, and that patch 2.1 will be launched in December. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3, PS4)

Nerdmaster  +   840d ago
It's a great MMORPG. Unfortunately, although I enjoy many MMORPG aspects like quests, progression, exploration, the worlds, and I love FFXIV gathering and crafting system, I really don't like partying with random people to go to dungeons. And as I don't have any friends who play FFXIV and some dungeons are mandatory to continue the plot and get important things like a bank and mounts, I lost interest pretty quickly.
Dno  +   840d ago
that's silly because they have a duty finder just like wow so all you do is hit a button then change your job and craft till it pops up.

You do nt have to have friends to do most of anything and while you are waiting for DF to pop you can gather/craft.

I think the real reason is that free trail ended huh?
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Snookies12  +   840d ago
He said he doesn't LIKE to party with random people. So how would Duty Finder help him in that case? He's still getting paired with random people.
Nerdmaster  +   840d ago
What Snookies12 said. I DON'T like partying with random people. And duty finder does exactly that.

Since you mentioned WoW, it was perfect for me. The important stuff like mounts and banks and plot and whatnot could be unlocked if I kept playing by myself. When there were friends online I could do dungeons, BGs and whatnot, but they weren't necessary for progression. If there weren't any friends online, I could keep playing and advancing. It was like "you can solo as much as you want". FFXIV is more like "if you don't make a party, you're stuck".
Dno  +   840d ago
@ Snookies
He did say that but you missed the point of him saying that. He said he doesn't have friends to play with. He is saying that the mandatory dungeons are a block for him. Im telling him that thats silly and does not make sense because they pair you automatically with the press of a button.

A raid is 45 mins and there are mab 10 Mandatory raids spread out through all 50 lvls. there is zero reason to quit when mab 5% of the game is raids.

That and who plays a MMO to play by themselves?

again its silly.

@ Nerdmaster

Again you don't have to make a party it does it for you. I think this is silly. what did you think would happen in a MMO?
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One_Eyed_Wizard  +   840d ago
I have extremely bad experiences with people on Duty Finder on this game. It's fine early on but once you get to level 30 dungeons, instances get a little tougher and most people on DF just run around like a bunch of headless chicken and play really bad as a team.

Plus, there's always those people that just keep silent even if you try to talk to them (For exemple: We've been wiped 10 times in a row because you keep doing that. Can you stop doing that now?)

Great game but play with people you know.
Nerdmaster  +   840d ago
This is exactly the reason why I don't like playing with random people.

What part of "I DON'T like partying with random people" you didn't understand? I'm not saying "the problem is looking for a party", I'm saying "I don't like playing with random people". I know it's super easy to get a party (if you have the patience to wait for Duty Finder to find you a party) and go to dungeons, but I don't effing want to go through dungeons with random people who get in my way, or go running ahead, or even don't do almost anything.

What Duty Finder does is match us with random people, that's exactly the thing I don't like. Either by using Duty Finder or finding a party by myself, I would still play with random people. Did you understand that now? Will you keep saying "but you don't have to look for a party of random people when Duty Finder does that for you", when I'm saying that playing with random people is the exact thing I don't like?

I do like playing with friends to avoid the things One_Eyed_Wizard mentioned (among other things). But, as I said, none of my friends play FFXIV, at least for now. I hoped to make them play it someday, and while it didn't happen, I would play by myself as WoW lets us. But FFXIV doesn't, so I stopped playing it.
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SirBradders  +   840d ago
Just type in on Google for example: 'free comapnies on ragnarok server' and meet some people thats what I did and I met a jolly good bunch of people that chat on mumble.
Jubez187  +   840d ago
I can't really say that you like MMO's if you don't like to play in groups (whether you know the people or not). That's pretty much the main attraction I always figured. Oh well.
Nerdmaster  +   837d ago
If you know a game with FFXIV's class system, quest system, gathering and crafting system, and that's not an MMO, I'm all ears. Or even WoW's for that matter. Unfortunately, I never found any.

I do not mind the massive multiplayer stuff with random people. Doing BGs in WoW, of FATEs in FFXIV are very fun. But the "less massive multiplayer", making us team up with random people in situations that require good coordination (e.g. dungeons) is way more annoying than fun. I don't want to handle any more random healers that don't heal, random tankers that don't tank, and random dps who rush ahead.
Zichu  +   840d ago
It's good that this game is doing well, but I had my account accessed by some Gil sellers. My account was locked, I contact customer support through chat and they wanted me to scan either a driver's license or passport to prove who I am and send it to them.

I don't like that idea at all. For one, they don't know who I am to begin with, so how would my passport prove who I am? They should use a different method on unlocking your account.

My character wasn't very high at the time, I was taking advantage of the 7 day free trial they were offering, just to check out the game. I got p***** off and decided to delete my account. A few weeks later, it had an email saying my account had been locked after it was compromised by another person and has been unlocked. Was to late for that. They should of sorted it out weeks ago.

I would like to play it again, but might do so on the PS3, with a fresh start, new account and secure my account a bit more.
Jdoki  +   840d ago
They've got 2 factor authentication in now. It's a bit of a hassle but no more so than what WoW and Battlenet offer. It really helps reduce the chance of getting your account stolen.

Shame you got such bad customer service. I've seen similar request for scans of passport or drivers license with other company's - I think Blizz ask for this in some cases. Not sure why as it seems pointless.
Snarkasaur  +   840d ago
I'm loving the game. Have a level 50 Arcanist and Alchemist now, and am continually finding things enjoyable. Endgame so far has even been fun, which I find kind of rare in the opening months of an MMO.
Debaitable  +   840d ago
I've had Valve ask to me to do the same when I lost my steam account by a hacker. The reason why they ask for those to be scanned it's because you are the only one in possession of those things. If a hacker had the time and effort to fake those documents they would be doing more than just trying to steal mmo accounts. An inconvenience but not bad customer service.
Rachel_Alucard  +   838d ago
I only want this and only this
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