Why Wii U should steal your Christmas

Edge:With news of the Watch Dogs and Drive Club delays, I somehow found myself shelling out for a next-gen console ahead of time. Last week, in fact. It has second screen functionality that means I can play in the palm of my hand if Coronation Street is on. It’s HD. And it’s a shiny black box that looks showroom-sleek under my TV. It’s a Wii U.

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Gemmol1876d ago

people who do not see this system as a good option just plain out do not like the name Nintendo or just do not like seeing Nintendo out sell their systems or do not like seeing their first party games out sell their favorite company first party......whatever it is there is just a lot of hate for nintendo when it comes to internet, people blame specs or other things nintendo do...but in my opinion I think having a great gameplay is better then looking at great graphics maybe this is why I would play a old school game every now and then.........The thing is at this moment Nintendo got some great games under the Wii U belt, so there should be no problems for selling problems, they have a bit of every genre....but I can see why some hold back because 3rd party be doing nintendo wrong.....and I believe this should be the only argument people should have against the Wii U......any other arguments from specs to whatever is not valid enough and just come off haterish........I think some people just forget what the rumors said about the Wii U back then which is true when it compares to the next gen it is only 4 to 6 times weaker.....just like the ps4 is only 7 to 10 times stronger then ps3.....this is not the same gen like last gen where the power difference between ps3 and ps2 was 35 times....this time yes you will see a difference but its not no bid ps3 to ps2 difference if you disagree you just lying to yourself....if you want a ps3 to ps2 difference again you need PC, so its like I said all these arguments are weak unless you say I do not want to get the Wii U because 3rd party be doing nintendo wrong...if that is your excuse for not owning the system I will respect you more then some haterish response.....but like I said there is great value on the Wii U....coming from only a ps3 last gen, I can honestly say I love my Wii U.....I hope yall do too......O yeah please stop with these dumb articles saying that Nintendo should make a Wii U pro controller system not get me wrong that Wii U pro controller is great controller but its no way better then the gamepad....playing the gamepad in the store will not show you how great it is compare to owning it....I personally think its the best controller ever made....I got bored playing with same controller every gen that every game started feeling the same just with different coat, but once I played with the game pad the same games I played in the past felt just a tad bit different that it got me interested in call of duty again and other games....this controller is a game changer but I feel bad nintendo will not be able to market how well it is.....all I hope they make this for their next system I cannot go back to regular controllers.....I was hoping the ps4 copy but they did not

IcicleTrepan1876d ago

Please use a device called a paragraph next time.

Bubbamilk1876d ago

Typically a device is referred to as a mechanical or electronic device. Sometimes used as a plan, plot, or scheme. No to be a critical of your writing or anything. But u were being critical of this guy not using paragraphs which instantly makes me think u are an English writing major, and if u are than surely u can find a better word to use than device. And people agree hahahahahaha. Like they are so upset that he didn't use paragraphs. The reality is this is just the comment section of a video game website. If this isn't the bottom of the barrel of writing and literature I don't know what is. Maybe the comment section of an ICP web page.

We do know that all video games have the best dialogue. Written by the greatest minds of our time and followed by comments from the second greatest minds of our time. I'm sure the writers of all these cheesy video games use paragraphs. And man does it enhance their terrible storytelling. Actually most of them have moved on to books and poetry because their writing skills just weren't being utilized in the devil may cry series hahaha. Just like how your writing skills just aren't being utilized on this comment page. U could be the next big author!!!!! U should go work on that

Hicken1875d ago

@Bubba: A device, at its heart, is simply a tool.

A paragraph, then, can easily be seen as a tool to help organize thoughts, and help make those thoughts easier for the reader to understand.

I don't even typically agree with Icicle, but it's certainly true that few people care to read walls of text, even if this is just the comment section of a video game website.

Your second paragraph... is utterly pointless. No, really: what the hell does the script of various video games have to do with whether or not gaming fans on a forum effective get their points across by using something as simple as paragraphs to frame said points?

Nothing. You just thought you saw a chance to be smart.

It's okay. It happens. And, from time to time, failures happen. Just like your comment.

Do try again, though.

UltimateMaster1875d ago

Keep it short and simple.
Buy a Wii U.

Chrischi19881875d ago

Unbelieveable. If you got a problem with his style of writing, dont read it. Because of not using paragraphs, doesnt lower a bit, about what he is saying. Acting like it counts here, is just hilarious. I could show you more than this one, if thats the problem, but somehow, this comment is only made against someone, who is actually saying the truth. I really hate the blind hate here on this board, flooded by tons of egomaniacs.

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GamerXD1876d ago

Yeah, we know Nintendo got killer titles, but those titles are getting repetitive and less innovative. You know, AAA games, that's what Wii U lack. In PS4; KZSF, inFamous, The Order, deep down. in X1; Ryse, DR3, Quantum Break, Halo 5. + Wii U's hard/software is hell lame, that's why some 3rd party devs aren't supporting it. Most hardcore gamers like me, would prefer X1/PS4 because of its capabilities and dev support.

live2play1876d ago

Seriously guy...?

you called out Nintendo repetitive and in the same comment you mentioned killzone and halo?
and you don't see the irony in that? might as well would've also mention uncharted, cod, gears of war, god of war

and you a hardcore gamer... Riiiight
you're a mainstream gamer , only plays the top rated games with big budgets and waits for reviews to tell you if you should buy it

GamerXD1876d ago


yea those games are repetitive but how bout games like gta 5, tlou, bioshock inf, journey. mario is great i know, but cmon there's like 20+ mario games out there, and they started to get boring, nint needs more support for their console cause theyre lacking support from 3rd parties. + their console isn't so innovative. theres second screen for ps4 and x1. dude what im just trying to point is wiiu is lacking great games.

and no, i dont buy games because of ratings nor sales. i'll look at the traier, check what is it and what it does, whose game it is, then ill decide if it is good (or if it really interests me, ill get it day 1)

Sincere01211876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Ps4 and Xbox one have more repetitive games than Nintendo have. Sony and Microsoft will never be able to compete with Nintendo when it comes to quality gameplay.

Sony and Microsoft rely on stupid gimmicks like power and graphics where as Nintendo are all about the games.

Ur clearly not a hardcore gamer as the reasons you've stated make u seem more like a fanboy.
Every hardcore gamer has a Wii u, only immature little kids and casuals will by a ps4.

meganick1875d ago

If you found the Mario Galaxy games boring, there's something wrong with you.

clouds51875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

It's amazing... I've heard that argument alot of times on this site. Half the games you mentioned are shooters. SHOOTERS. Gameplay in shooters hasn't changed since 20 years (3rd or 1st person doesnt really matter).

You know TLOU is a great game, and the story/characters are amazing. But the core gameplay is 3rd person cover shooter with stealth elements. Nothing new, nothing exciting and in my opinion quite boring. If you take the story and characters away that game is pretty lame.
Mario on the other hand doesn't need a story, it's pure gameplay fun and new ideas and mechanics in every game.

Now I'm not saying one is better than the other! I can enjoy both of them. But calling Nintendo games repetitive and saying look how innovative shooter xy is, is just dumb.

People want new and innovative games? NO THEY DON'T. Wonderful 101 on WiiU is an amazing experience. New gameplay, fresh ideas, pure fun. But people don't care about that.
Like you, they want the same controller they used for 10 years and they want the same Halo, CoD and that other bullshit they played for the last 10 years.

It's sad...

Chrischi19881875d ago

All of which you just mentioned, how many are NOT FPS?

Talking about innovation, what is the huge innovation of Killzone, other than great graphics? AAA Title, Next Gen Title, all of this comments are only based on graphics, why is Killzone any better, then CoD, other then graphics and it doesnt get a sequel yearly?

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Nodoze1876d ago

Massive wall of text!!!!

Starbucks_Fan1876d ago

Did you really need to spend that much time to state an opinion?!

_QQ_1876d ago

Dude your comment is undreadable, put some space in between paragraphs.

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the worst1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

there's no kinda of trophy system. online is a complete joke.
im just sick of a million different mario games.
plus i think the system is just better off for young kids.
the wii u should cost $199

mcstorm1876d ago

Why is the online a complete joke? Also don't buy any game with the name Mario in it if your sick of a million Mario games but I would like to know what games you bought last gen for each platform as we had 3 UC, 2 KZ, 3 Motor storms, 6 CODS in 6 years, 5 AC, 6+ Need for speeds, 10 Fifa games 6 Halo's 3 Fables, 3 ME, and more.

Yes Nintendo make a lot of games with Mario in the name but they only make one or 2 versions of the same type of game.

The WiiU is a very underrated console and for me who was a big PS3 and 360 user last gen I have welcomed games like Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost Worlds, windwaker as there has been too much focus on the same game types on the 360 and PS3 and its starting to get old.

The WiiU is a great console for kids and is better at the moment than the One and PS4 for the kids because they do not offer much for kids but there are a lot of core games on and coming to the WiiU over the next few months and core games don't have to have blood, Sex, Shooting ect in them.

MrTimesplitters1876d ago

Do you even have a Wii U? So how would you know if the online is shit or not? I have a Wii U and I can tell you right now that the online is amazing, playing COD on Wii U feels way better than it does on PS3. So dont say the online is shit because Im guessing you have no idea. Even Michael Pachter agrees with me. Your sick of a million mario games? OMG your joking right. Let me remind you the 2 most highest rated games of this GEN, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. Thank You

Nabbic1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Because it's Miiverse junk.
While we're at it, being good rated doesn't mean it's good, nor does it mean you have to like it.
I dislike CoD and find it far too casual, and anyone who plays difficult shooters will agree that CoD is a pathetic excuse for a shooter... Yet because it's good rated, according to your logic I must like and play it.
Furthermore, God Hand received about 3/10 from IGN, however it's one of the greatest PS2 games available.

I've been gaming with Ninty from the beginning to the Wii and yes, they do overuse Mario. They also overuse Zelda.
Like Sega, Nintendo are sitting on some fantastic IPs that they're not even using... F-Zero, Chibi Robo, Hotel Dusk... But instead they knock out yet another Mario game. The guy has appeared in over 200 games and isn't even well designed, nor is his universe... It's time to pick up those decent IPs and use them if they want to stay relevant. Because their old fans are getting completely tired of Mario, Mario spinoffs and Zelda.

truechainz1876d ago

@ Nabbic

You need to watch the video discussion about how we define gamers, because you are exactly what is the problem with gamers now.

InTheLab1876d ago

500k playing on PS3

600 people playing on WiiU

Which one should run smoother?

Also, Lmao Mario Galaxy is a last gen title. It has nothing to do with the WiiU.

The highest rated game on WiiU is a multiplat title and the second highest is a remake.

R00bot1875d ago


Out of the 20 top rated PS3 games on metacritic, only one is first party.

And how is the fact that the top rated game on the console is third party a bad thing? I thought we wanted good third party support on our consoles?

Yes, Galaxy is a last gen title, but a main series 3D Mario game hasn't yet came out on the Wii U, and 3D World looks like it could be as good as the Galaxy games.

imXify1875d ago

Sorry but CoD on WiiU was complete BS. No DLC, no partch, Wiimote gameplay is broken, you can't play all the modes you want because there's no one playing it since freaking DAY 1.

clouds51875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

@imXify: So the fact that there aren't that many people playing and the devs do not support is somehow making the system bad?

You are right CoD:BO2 experience was bad on the WiiU but that has absolutely nothing to do with the WiiU. That's exactactly how the devs are behaving... They don't release extras for wii u versions and bring the game with delays, and then whine that it doesn't sell. LOL.
I have the WiiU and BO2 (still playing it btw) and the online system is great and FREE. MiiVerse implementation in games like Resident Evil Revelation is just amazing and really fun.

Btw it's normal that there aren't that many players on a new system, same thing will happen with PS4 and XB1.
Are you telling me the CoD nerds out there will wait a month longer for the PS4 version of Ghosts and then pay for online play, when they can buy and play the game right now with free online on PS3 and a massive community?

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_QQ_1876d ago

LOL how is online a complete joke?better than paying for it if you ask me.Also 2014 will have plenty of games yet not a single Mario game has been slated for 2014.

R00bot1875d ago

Says Wii U should cost 199, will buy PS4 for 400 and probably the xbox one for 500.

Even though the Wii U will have a whole lot more content (and better, at that) when the PS4 and Xbox One launch.

Hicken1875d ago

... well, it SHOULD have more content, as it's a year older. Better is subjective, though there aren't many games that appeal to me on the Wii U(Bayonetta and Monolith's X are pretty much it).

Arguing the price gets a bit more complicated, as it requires appraisal of the hardware, future games prospects, services, and so on. And even then, it could be just as subjective as which console has "better" games. If he's arguing that $400 and $500 are reasonable prices for the other consoles, then from a purely technological standpoint, the Wii U MAY be worth about $200 in comparison.

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from the beach1876d ago

Nice article, think it captures Wii U's place well.

It's been a patchy first year but the best is yet to come with Mario 3D World!

R00bot1875d ago

And MK 8 and SSB and X, my wallet is already crying.

TripC501875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Yes, X.

The Wii U can fail miserably and never sell as high as other next gen consoles but games like X, Zelda Wii U, Smash, and MK8 are coming and each of those games will be must play experiences. And more will come.

My wallet is training and getting stronger with Rocky esk montage music.

ShadowL91876d ago

I didn't buy the Wii U because the Wii made me feel like I got burned by Nintendo. I loved my Gamecube, but the Wii just lacked a lot of games that I wanted to play. Sure, it had some gems just like most consoles do, but it didn't have many games I HAD to play. Most of those games were on PS3 or Xbox 360.

And the Wii U will probably be the same. It'll get some gems of games (the new smash bros. comes to mind) but it won't get the kind of support in other games as the PS4 and Xbox One because it lacks the power compared to them. Maybe one day I'll pick it up and play the best games on it, but not until it is way cheaper.

josephayal1876d ago

The Wii U is by far the most underrated product I have ever seen, I would really love to take my Wii U back out of its box. But, I cannot find a game that interests me to do it

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