Diehard GameFAN: The Guided Fate Paradox Review

DHGF: The Guided Fate Paradox isn’t a bad game; it’s just not a good one either. The game offers less content and is far easier than any roguelike I’ve ever played before – including Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. I thought the game’s premise was exceptionally interesting, but the followthrough left me cold and I found the characters to be pretty uninteresting and unlikeable – something I’ve never experienced with a Nippon Ichi developed game (although certainly with games they’ve merely localized and published). That said, the game has a very nice soundtrack and the engine is incredibly solid. It’s just disappointing that the game didn’t live up to the high standard of its predecessor ZHP: Unlosing Ranger Vs. DarkDeath Evilman. I’m normally a big fan of roguelikes but I found The Guided Fate Paradox to be a mediocre experience across the board. It’s not something I can recommend, but it’s not something I can pooh pooh or condemn either.

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