Battlefield 4 - 20 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage From The Flood Zone Map

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader 'Ghost Rider LSOV' has also shared with us this video for Battlefield 4 that features 20 minutes of never before seen footage from the Flood Zone map."

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MajorGecko1880d ago

all hopes for BFBC2 style maps and destruction is lost :( at least all the weapons are more in depth

C0LLAT1880d ago

Yeah, that BC2 destruction was the best lol.
it looks like they took a lot of the weapon customization from the last medal of honor, witch is totally cool.

I cant wait for this game! =P

BobBelcher1880d ago

Where's this 'levolution' I hear so much about?

Jovanian 1880d ago

For this map its probably the flood, either it rolled in or hasn't rolled in yet

C0LLAT1880d ago

every map has a different destruction aspect that results in a dramatic change in the way you will be around the map.

for example, This map (flood zone) starts out as a urban city with a dam that is destructible and ends up flooding the entire map submerging the streets. Players are forced to make their way to the rooftops to capture the objectives.

mwjw6961880d ago

This guy terrible at BF. If want to watch good gameplay on this map go find jackfrags gameplay. Its a higher rez also.

seanpitt231880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

More like cod ever time I see it. The destruction has been gimped down massively since bc2. That orange colour highlight after someone has killed you looks so tacky I would take that out straight away.

JetsFool35001880d ago

That is actually better than a kill cam because you can see where campers are from your perspective especially since the map is bigger its harder to find them

Detoxx1880d ago

Awesome. The flood levolution event on this map makes it very dynamic

obliterator1880d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.