Xbox One: Steven Gerrard stars in ad for new games console

Microsoft has recruited England football captain Steven Gerrard and Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto for the global TV advertising campaign for its new Xbox One games console, which launches next month.

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Kayant1851d ago

Great ad this & The Best Place to Play PS4 ad. Next-gen has arrived :)

cleft51851d ago

Both where very cool ads and you can tell Microsoft dropping that money hat to get Zachary Quinto and Steven Gerrard in the ad. Very well done.

darthv721850d ago

That words.

(stands and begins to clap)

Blaze9291851d ago

now THIS is what i call a commercial..not some high school musical.

darthv721850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

lol but you know that PS one was in college not HS.

PixelNinja1851d ago

That was a really good advert, glad they are finally using the "All in One." sentence in advertising now; should have been their slogan since the beginning.

My_precious1851d ago

Steven Gerrard?

haha, did they just raise their middle finger for all MU fan over england?

Pogmathoin1850d ago

Apparently Alex Ferguson thinks he is not a top class player... But funny enough he thought Moyes was a top class coach...

iamnsuperman1851d ago

I was expecting a link to see it not read about it. Anyone got a link

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The story is too old to be commented.