Legacy of Gaming: Day Z

GamR Mag's Legacy of Gaming rises from the grave to discuss mod sensation, Day Z.

"As our patented Zombie Week 2013 comes to a close I thought it would be good to touch the Legacy of a game that caught the undead spotlight last year and hasn’t really been mentioned since. When we talk about zombie survival games we usually mean games such as Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising. These games make great use of team based objectives and class specific abilities. A key aspect of games like these is the player’s incredible ability to face insurmountable hordes of zombies with a vast array of weaponry and not die. Now imagine a game where those odds were reversed, where the player didn’t have this superhuman ability and each and every zombie posed a very real and large threat to your survival."

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ChrisW1849d ago

I'm confused... Wasn't this "The War Z" that was pulled off Steam for being so glitchy and full of false advertising?

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Omegabalmung1849d ago

War Z is a different game.

ATi_Elite1848d ago


DayZ is the original that was a mod made from the Arma2 game.

The War Z was a complete rip off and a game made only to cash in on the DayZ Phenomenon. The War Z is now called Infestation: Survival Stories.

Stay away from Infestation because under the name The War Z they literally Copy n Pasted the League of Legends EULA and used it as their own with League of Legends still in the dam EULA and they RIPPED OFF your fellow Gamers and that's WRONG.

anyway the ONLY thing holding back the DayZ Standalone is the Net Code which needed to be fixed and updated anyway. Once fixed, tested, and debugged DayZ will just magically appear on Steam for ALL of us to enjoy.

It's gonna be Terrific.

BABY-JEDI1848d ago

Is Day Z coming to next gen consoles. Any news on this front? I really want this on PS4
: )

BABY-JEDI1848d ago

Nothing like getting a disagree with no explanation.

Volitiel1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I gave an agree vote as I would like to see a console version, preferably PS4, too. I recall Dean "Rocket" Hall, creator of DayZ, saying he'd like to bring DayZ to consoles, but is focusing on PC first. I'm guessing we'll see standalone hit PC in a early form hopefully this holiday, so I think we won't get a console version till holiday 2014 or into 2015 at the earliest.