Physical vs Digital Games: Time to Decide

Alex Layton of SpawnFirst writes: "As time goes on, things change and begin to fade away as new ideas take their place. Sometimes for the better and sometimes …eh…not so much. Throughout the years we’ve seen numerous evolutions of our favorite hobby, from the rise and fall of arcades to being able to play games online with friends from across the world from the comfort of your home. One of the biggest potential changes coming our way is the sales of digital games. "

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wheresmymonkey1877d ago

i think there's going to be room for both for a good few years to come and both have their merits.

Physical is nice because you have something that you can collect and trade, theres a certain sense of perminance.

digital on the other hand is great as it enables devlopers to release more experimental/niche games with less financial risk.

case in point, Phoenix Wirght on 3ds. i doubt it would have gotten a western release if it wasn't for the eshop. It being only £20 just made the deal all the more sweeter and will hopefully encourage more people to try it.