Interview with Steph1401 A Gioteck Sponsored “Girl Gamer” from SA

"The world of gaming has been primarily dominated by male gamers, so it was with great pleasure that George and Tyler got to interview Steph1401, a sponsored girl gamer that kicks ass and takes names.

So there we were, middle of rAge 2013 on the Saturday, its hot and sweaty and we have done several interviews by now. The time has come for us to Interview Steph1401 and we head on over to the Gioteck stand to try find her. We mill our way through the crowd and finally get there and standing in from of us is this slightly taller than average woman with long blond hair and she is busy laughing at something she just heard. That was our first sighting of this “girl gamer” that we were here to interview. We introduced ourselves and said we were there for the interview. Immediately she shifted her attention to us and told us to follow her to a “secret place” away from the noisy maddening crowd. We followed her a few steps and truly found this little hideout that we hadn’t seen before and were extremely happy to have found. Thanks to Steph we now had another little cove to duck into when we needed a break."

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