1UP Reviews NBA Ballers: Chosen One

1UP writes: "The latest NBA Ballers clangs iron in all kinds of ways, but two issues leap out most prominently: It's stuck in a game-design time warp, and it seems to have been built in a vacuum. Outside of the fantastic player faces, the generation-straddling visuals are awfully amateurish, especially when compared to its rival, NBA Street: Homecourt. The player clothing looks like hardened plastic, with no texture to speak of, and the animations lack fluidity. It really moves like a last-gen game, which is at least consistent since it plays like one, too. There's fun to be had with this, but the goofy kinks kill off the long-term fun.

As for being built in a vacuum, Chosen One's "Supers" reek of 2006. To score one you'll do a series of combos that aren't very accessible -- it lacks even a cursory explanation of the controls -- so expect to play with the manual open on your lap. Once you learn the big combos, they'll lead to canned "Supers"; the first time you see these, they're semi-interesting, but the videos quickly become downright boring. The 12 seconds it takes for each of these noninteractive sequences feels like a lifetime over the course of a few games. Didn't Homecourt's brilliant interactive Gamebreakers teach Midway that control beats spectatorship every time? Apparently -- and unfortunately -- not".

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