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Even when a Batman game isn't very good, it's still pretty good.

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vishmarx1849d ago

more of an 8.5 for me.also just got ac4 aswell.prolly the best AC besides the fps

vishmarx1849d ago

or a $10 tip to a local store.
theyre even giving off bf4 for an extra 20 bucks

Deividas1849d ago

They are giving the game 4 days early? where the bloody hell do you live...

Hakoom1849d ago

7.5 for me as stated in an older article
the game is nice but it gets boring :x

listenkids1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

"Even when a Batman game isn't very good, it's still pretty good."

Yet, everyone has praised the story for being decent, the combat hasn't been changed because it was great, slight additions and a bigger world.

How is it not rated higher? Oh yes, because it's not Rocksteady and Conroy and Hamill.

LightofDarkness1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

It's not rated higher because they've played it very safe. Minor additions to the existing formula that doesn't feel as fresh as it once did is not enough to score you a 9 or a 10. Game scores don't simply "stack" based on the sequel being like the last game but with a little more. Megaman games did the same: the series obviously peaked at 3 and it was clear that the initial sheen had worn off by 4 and that retreading the same ground with minor, inconsequential improvements wasn't going to wow anyone. Each subsequent release was rated lower and lower, but Megaman fans still enjoyed it. It wasn't until a true sequel came in Megaman X that things felt fresh again.

Fans of the series will still enjoy it, but it's hardly the revelation that Arkham Asylum was or the perfectly measured leap that Arkham City was. It's more Arkham City with a bigger play area and some minor additions that do little to reinvigorate the formula. It doesn't carry that same "labour of love" air that blessed the original two.

listenkids1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

City had a rushed and terrible story in comparison to Asylum, the move set was pretty much the same, so open world was the only thing to score it 9-10?

Heisenburger1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Yes.... "everyone" has praised the game for being decent. Decent.

A 7.8 is an absolute purchase for me. Just not necessarily a day one purchase. Had they not been slimy with the dlc I wouldn't have to wait for the goty *edition.

Also I just paid off my copy of Shadow Fall.

Why do people throw fits about scores again?

Seriously. Explain yourself.

How does this affect ANYTHING in your lives?

I'm at a loss here. Why cry over an admirable score?

Tdmd1849d ago

I think he was pretty clear on why it got this score. Frame rate problems, glitchs, audio problems, bad (and recycled) map designs, lack of easter eggs, the use of "win buttons", mediocre multiplayer and lack of new, significant features. He actually liked and complimented the new voice actors and never listed them as a problem and/or distraction.

goldwyncq1849d ago

With these review scores, it's going to be Beyond:Two Souls all over again.

Deividas1849d ago

The gameplay and graphics are still great. Just the story is a little bit...bleh...kind of straight forward so far. Also the game does not have that great opening sequence like Arkham City did. So right off the bat (heh) it doesnt draw you in like the others have.