1UP Reviews MLB 2K8

1UP writes: "No question about it: In real baseball, pitching wins championships (just ask the mound-loaded 2007 World Series winner Boston Red Sox)...but pitching isn't enough to save the Wii's first baseball sim. Standing on the mound in MLB 2K8 with a Wii Remote is pretty fantastic, though the sharp, simple system lets you select a pitch with the analog stick, aim with the remote, then rock and fire with the flick of a wrist. It feels great, even if the game does all the work when it comes to breaking balls. Unlike in the Wii version of The Bigs, you don't need to twist your wrist to get any break. But that's fine, as that system's pointlessly complex, and I don't see a need to sprain anything while trying to snap off a low-and-away slider".

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JVIDICAN3836d ago

little late arnt we?
im thinking anyone who even wanted this game got it by now