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"It's finally up, stable and running, so it's time to immerse yourself in Los Santos with friends. And enemies." Codec Moments reviews GTA Online.

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gigoran1638d ago

Finally? I didn't experience any of the reported problems since day 1. I suspect many others didn't too.

Septic1638d ago

Many if not most suffered these problems. Character deletion, car's disappearing and the like.

However, these issues have all been sorted now and my crew and I have been enjoying GTA Online for the past couple of weeks. Our sleep have suffered as a result though.

Saints941638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

No, .... blah blah still happening, blah worse since last patch, blah blah I lost a level 95 character last Sunday, blah blah you can see around 20,000 complaints of this in their Social club.

They have not been fixed.

MysticStrummer1638d ago

@gigoran - Rockstar themselves admitted to widespread problems.

It definitely got better, but I'm still having issues and the patch seemed to make things worse in some ways.

Either way, I'm already getting tired of GTA:O. I started playing Diablo 3 again.

Derekvinyard131638d ago

Been fine here, lost a level 7 character but no big deal now I'm on level 46. Knock on wood

gigoran1634d ago

AND there are some of us lucky ones that have had no problems AT ALL! That was the point of my post. I didn't say that nobody had problems. Never once did I say that. Maybe... learn to read?

gigoran1633d ago

Honestly, which part can't you people read??????????

SOME (that means a few but not all) of us have had NO PROBLEMS (that being something that goes wrong or doesn't work properly but in this case everything works right and there is nothing going wrong).

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Sizzon1638d ago

I would give the online portion a 7/10, it is fun with friends or with your crew.

MysticStrummer1638d ago

Yes. Fun with friends, but people are seemingly very against playing with randoms.