1UP Reviews Teenage Zombies

1UP writes: "Maybe it's just me, but when I read the title "Teenage Zombies," I anticipate protagonists that tap into the seemingly endless goldmine of age-appropriate stereotypes (angst, entitlement, laziness, etc.), not to mention undead heroes that moan and groan between bouts of devouring freshly emancipated human limbs. But just as the narrative mostly avoids such familiar themes (the kid-friendly E10+ rating might have something to do with that), the actual gameplay performs a similar feat, delivering a fairly compelling puzzle-solving experience in place of what might appear to be a standard side-scrolling action/platformer.

When the Big Brain sends his floating Alien Brain Thingys to Earth in a bid for world domination, the titular trio -- Fins, Halfpipe, and Lefty -- springs into action to defend humanity by using some highly specific skills and special abilities. Each intricately designed stage demands the use of all three characters (who can be swapped via the touch screen or L/R buttons), and you'll need to overcome obstacles like electrified floors, mind-controlled cops, and gigantic alligators to move from one chapter to the next".

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