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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 834d ago | opinion piece

Call of Duty, 720p, Albert Penello, NeoGAF, and Twitter: A Dramatic Retelling

Pete Dodd (famousmortimer) writes: "Days have passed and I’ve heard it from many sources now.  This is no longer something I consider flimsy.  If it’s not true I will be shocked at this point because the sources are that strong (I will also lose all credibility – that’s not something I’m oblivious to).  Though, there is a wrinkle to it that I didn’t know about during the initial rumor…  Activision is very hard at work trying to up the resolution.  Whether this comes as a day one patch, or a day 100 patch, or what… I don’t know.  It does point to Microsoft’s tools being behind more-so than just a huge power gap (the gap does exist but the XB1 is powerful enough to run this game at 1080p, clearly).  The point is that Activision is still working very hard on it.  As such they aren’t talking about it.  Microsoft isn’t talking about it.  The press isn’t allowed to talk about it.  It’s a forbidden topic." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS4, Xbox One)

Majin-vegeta  +   835d ago
The fact that niether M$ or Crapovision have come out and debunked this rumor means they are hiding something.
iamnsuperman  +   834d ago
The only thing Activision said was it had amazing graphic on the Xbox One (whatever that means)

Here is the issue with the reaction. By not saying anything they make the story last longer as people are going to be speculating right up till launch (which I think could be more damaging as it doesn't exactly improve trust) . If they just came out with it, it would be big (even if true or not) but probably die down quicker
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Septic  +   834d ago
Yeah this continued silence is making me very worried. Someone needs to clarify the position immediately.
SilentNegotiator  +   834d ago
Yeah, it's hard to see what purpose there would be to not jump right out and say it if it were 1080p on Xbox One.

I would bet a Benjamin that this game will never be patched to a higher resolution. #1 because it pretty much never happens, #2 because unless the drivers and tools were written by a monkey, there's no way they're SO BAD that they're hindering COD that much.
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theBAWSE  +   834d ago | Well said
the shit storm is going to get errm well shittier

I've read a few times from various sources COD is not a one off, many multiplat games will be 720 on xbone and 1080 on ps4

xbone owners shouldn't really worry though, it's known the xbone is weaker than ps4..but is that going to stop your enjoyment? it's not like you will have a ps4 running the same game on a TV next to you while playing your xbone to compare the resolutions... just enjoy whatever game on whatever platform you desire
GamerzElite  +   834d ago
Mark Rubin said to IGN when IGN playing Squad-- while playing at Gamescom He was standing near a wall. And you can see a crack in brick, it means we focused on gfx.
Volkama  +   834d ago
People speculating on the resolution is a small number, and judging by comments on every Ghosts article it's an even smaller number that actually want to buy it.

COD fans with a basic grasp of what resolution is that would take note of Activision officially saying "the PS4 version is better"... I should think that's a much much bigger number.
Septic  +   834d ago

Yeah but it really is going to dampen my enjoyment. I have already decided that I will keep the PS4 and sell the Xbox One if this is case.

If something like COD, which looks completely mediocre and scarcely what I would call next-gen is struggling on the Xbox One, a game that was showcased on the Xbox One at its REVEAL, then can you imagine the disparity in the quality in future titles like Destiny, The Division etc? I want to get the definitive version of those games and if there is such a big gap (and it is a big gap) in fidelity, at this early stage, then I'm sorry, but I have to go with the PS4.

It really is a problem though because I MUCH prefer the games lineup on the Xbox One. It such a rubbish situation to be in.
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Studio-YaMi  +   834d ago
What boggles my mind,if a game like Ryse which DOES look like a next gen game can achieve 900p,then how come a game that isn't as demanding like COD:Ghosts can't achieve 1080p easily ?

Glad that the game was confirmed to be native 1080p on the PS4 by Activision.
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thekhurg  +   834d ago
^ @StudioYami

Ryse also runs at less than 1/2 the framerate. You cannot compare the two AT ALL.
mikeslemonade  +   834d ago
You're on rails on Ryse where as in COD you have more freedom. More assets are required to make COD perform the way it does besides just visuals.
Septic  +   834d ago

How is Ryse on rails?
Gekko36  +   834d ago
@iamsuperman The only people this is going to bother is users on site like this. 99% of the potential the user base don't know / don't care or are totally uninterested.

There is no story here, just romour and innuendo to which I'm bored to tears of.

Can we shift all these sewing circle articles into an unsubstantiated / rumour section so all we read is confirmed news.

Who am I kiddin... it'll never happen while I've got a hole between me bum cheeks
n4rc  +   834d ago
I dont see the issue...

If IW made the claim.. Then I'd wonder... But it was a Sony rep

Even if hyrb or penello said its 1080.. They'd be called liars...Lol... We all know this
SilentNegotiator  +   834d ago

Greenberg lied about Ryse being native 1080p; why should you expect people to trust Microsoft with telling the truth with Xbone's games' resolutions?

"The only people this is going to bother is users on site like this. 99% of the potential the user base don't know / don't care or are totally uninterested"

Don't kid yourself. Even COD fans will notice and be disappointed that Ghost isn't much sharper than last gen on Xbox One if it really is 720p/900p.
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ShinMaster  +   834d ago
This topic is seriously overblown.

So what if the PS4 version is 1080p and the XboxOne version is 720p or maybe 900p. Who cares. They'll look pretty similar. There's no need to stoop down the PC elite's level.
OlgerO  +   834d ago | Well said
I still find it hard to believe that a current gen looking game is not able to handle 1080p on xbone. But people have to start accepting that PS4 is the most powerfull console and will have the superior versions of games if not at launch then soon.
President  +   834d ago
I agree but do we really need a dramatic retelling? MS and Activision not debunking this rumor says enough.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   834d ago
1440p of course :)

(Just kidding guys, just kidding..)

Really strange that it takes this long for them to let us know what the resolution is. It either means that it is really 720p or that they can somehow still tweak it as stated in the story. Wasn't aware that such big changes were possible through a patch though. Kinda makes me happy that games can get proper optimization after release.
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BallsEye  +   834d ago
MS nor Activision don't have to go out and debunk every retarded rumor started by fanboys on some lame forum like neogaf and n4g which lost it's credibility ages ago.
Studio-YaMi  +   834d ago
So Neogaf & N4G lost credibility yet MS has it !?


Why are you lurking here anyways ? go on MS pro websites and get your news there with ALL the credibility you want,why moan about places that you yourself are searching for and visiting ?

Some people are really weird I swear ..!
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BallsEye   834d ago | Personal attack | show
n4rc  +   834d ago

No kidding.. I feel the same.. They really give their brand a bad image..

After listening to all the bs for 5 months, would I really want to play with these people? nope
OsirisBlack  +   834d ago
@Ballseye yes fake Deep Down Gameplay

Guess you havent seen the newest videos where they actually hit their target marker watch from 1:40 to the end of the vid. Nothing else looks like this on anything outside of a pc period.
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Brix90  +   834d ago

You both have had nothing but negative things to say all summer about PS4. Do us a favor a stick with Xbox and when I get mine I pray I never run into your kind.
deecee33  +   834d ago
MS may not say anything about this until the very last minute. It may not matter much. COD:G is based on a last gen engine- even the high res videos look like something that could have come out on the PS3 last year. Plus, supposedly the X1 has an upscaler that might make the visuals look like native 1080p in practice. Honestly- why do we care? COD is not a very pretty looking game in comparison to other AAA shooters. 1080p will just stop it from looking old.
H0RSE  +   833d ago
Yeah. the secret is that it runs at 1440p on X1. OMG, could you imagine the shitstorm that would erupt, lol.
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porkChop  +   835d ago
If their tools are really THAT bad then I think that confirms the XBO wasn't supposed to launch in 2013. There's no way the tools would be this far behind if they were planning to launch now from the start. I mean, I know developers have been complaining about poor driver/tool support, but I didn't think it was bad enough to make the difference between 720p/1080p.

Anyway, if it's really just because of the tools then a patch should be able to fix the issue down the road.
iamnsuperman  +   834d ago
I have always thought Microsoft thought they could be sneaky and release early next year (a head of what they thought was a 2014 PS4 launch). Sony played them and have been rather sneaky about it (who would have thought the PS4 would be announced for a release this year when we had big first party games still coming out). I think February surprised them
wenaldy  +   834d ago
You can't hustle the hustler.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   834d ago
Wouldn't take this rabid troll seriously. He's just a PS fanboy trolling MSFT reps on twitter. He attacked Albert on twitter. You know you're a loyal troll when you(famousmortimer) praise Knack like it's a system selling AAA.
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reko  +   834d ago
post a link that he attacked albert on twitter.

"The thing is that I agree with him on his main points. The resolution doesn’t matter (EDIT: ALBERT DID NOT SAY THIS, I MISINTERPRETED HIS COMMENTS)" this?

did you read the whole thing?

dang cant post a link?
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Riderz1337  +   834d ago
"Attacked" Albert on Twitter? You and I have different definitions of the word attacked.
akurtz  +   834d ago
Knack is actually pretty fun and challenging. Yes ive played it.
Metfanant  +   834d ago
Pot, meet kettle lol

For the record...famous is not a troll lol
SniperControl  +   834d ago
Weren't you banging the drum hard a few months ago about the X1 having this hidden mythical DGPU? Weren't you saying that "Sony fanboys" were going to have their eyes opened by the power of X1. Weren't you saying the day before the AMD conference that AMD were going to announce a Volcanic Islands GPU for X1?
Point is, everything that comes out of your mouth is trolling, I would rather believe someone like Famous. This is the same person who said Driveclub would be delayed. Famous has more creds than your xmisterx.
Metfanant  +   834d ago
With Sony confirming the game to be native 1080p on the PS4...and MS remaining silent...

Take that for what you will lol
MasterCornholio  +   834d ago
And all it takes is a tweet from Microsoft that says this.

# COD Ghosts is 1080P on XB1

Seriously how hard is that to do?

Nexus 7 2013
TheFutureIsBlue  +   834d ago
It has been pretty hard for Microsoft to confirm anything these past few months. They always beat around the bush about EVERYTHING. Even simply things that they could easily confirm in 2 seconds. Pretty annoying tbh.
Metfanant  +   834d ago
Well its gonna be pretty hard if the game isn't
Sweep14  +   834d ago
This tweet can't be made...because COD Ghosts is not 1080p on X1. That's all.
Cryptcuzz  +   834d ago
No brainer to go with the PS4 next gen. If a game like Cod is not able to run at 1080 on both next gen consoles, then that is telling for what the future would hold for its main competitor.

Most if not all multiplats and most if not all first party games would look and play better as well (higher resolution, higher frame rates etc.)
Funantic1  +   834d ago
I don't know what the resolutions will be for either system and I actually don't care. I guess people are saying that the 360 and X1 versions of COD will be the same...ok whatever. What I do know is the preorder counts of COD in the US as of right now.
360 - 673,015
X1 - 329,032
PS3 - 326,733
PS4 - 298,180
SniperControl  +   834d ago
The US is always going to have the biggest concentration of X1 owners, you need to find a source for global pre-order figures, you will find the PS4 will be higher.
n4rc  +   834d ago
Haha.. Gotta love that..

You need to ignore stats that back up your claims... And search for stats that support theirs..

SniperControl  +   834d ago

Fun only quoted US figurers, we all know that the rest of the world is PS orientated.(apart from the UK, but according to various websites and sources, the UK is coming back into the PS fold)

It's stupid boasting about a figure which does not take into account all demographics.

It's like saying Chrysler is the leading car manufacturer in the world just based of US figurers alone, when we all know it's not.
Dude Dutch  +   834d ago
Ok i forgot....... US is equal to the world......

Glad to see that this will improve the game afterall...
Bathyj  +   834d ago
So you don't care about the numbers that relate to which game looks better, but you care about the numbers that day which is selling the most.

johndoe11211  +   834d ago
What the hell do preorder numbers have to do with a discussion about the resolution of the game and how do preorder numbers make the game look better? You obviously have too many bubbles.
stuna1  +   834d ago
Still using that one bubble wisely I see!
RedDevils  +   834d ago
I guess pre-order make the game better lol genius
Brix90  +   834d ago
I thought it was obvious that COD fans buy Xbox more because of early DLC. The stats aren't doing anything for the resolution rumor so kind of pointless to post.
hyperfire21  +   834d ago
Hmm whats better? 1080p 30fps or 720p upscaled to 1080p 60fps?
NextGenHorny  +   834d ago
You forgot 480p upscaled to 1080p 120fps.
RevXM  +   833d ago
Cracked me up! have a funny bubble.
Metfanant  +   834d ago
Great question...however the game is 1080p/60fps on the PS4...
feraldrgn  +   834d ago
I'm pretty sure that MS haven't denied it because they're not entirely sure if it'll be 1080p or 720p at launch,
Activision is apparently hard at work on it, so anything could change.

It does mean that it's not 1080p yet (based on the amount of insiders confirming), but maybe MS are winging it & hoping Activision reach 1080p before having to state the res.

If they confirm that it's not 1080p on Xbox, while it's already confirmed to be 1080p on PS4, then that would probably be a lot of multiplat gamers lost.

The more news that's released, the more it looks like Xbox won't have the multiplat advantage like they did this gen & the only selling point to gamers will be exclusives.
grassyknoll  +   834d ago
The game would have gone gold by now (if not this week), there's no resolution changes by this point.
Max-Zorin  +   834d ago
Like it matter. COD players are frowned upon anyway.
KrisButtar  +   834d ago
Ghosts could come out at 480p or even pre HD for the system I am getting and I would still buy it. Its the only FPS that suits my multiplayer needs. Every other shooter could have better Gameplay, Graphics, etc (most do)and we still get Ghosts because until another FPS can fill the multiplayer needs a lot of people are looking for, its here to stay. Hell I'm not a fan of COD but there are just no other options in the FPS that have what we want. Sure I would like a higher Res but its not the end of the world if I don't get it.

FYI, My multiplayer player needs are 4 player split screen
RedDevils  +   834d ago
KrisButtar  +   834d ago
Its a crappy situation for sure but its not like Battlefield or Killzone are not even doing any better.

We all cancelled our KZ SF pre-orders for Ghosts because Killzone said it didn't even have local multiplayer. At least COD get local multiplayer right whereas BF and KZ seem to be miles behind even the most basic and last gen looking COD

Edit: KZ and BF are easily better than COD but we skip over them time and time again because we want local mp which neither of those games can do and until another game can, we will continue to buy COD because local mp is what is most important to us not graphics.
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smoothop  +   834d ago
MS are just behind with the Drivers and other things, Xbox One is easily powerful enough to run it at 1080p. Some people obviously can't wait for some bad news but I don't give a damn, still getting Xbox One as the launch games look good and when the Drivers and other things are set up it will be flying along.
BTBuck1  +   834d ago
if it's so easy... then why all the hooplah around all their games running 720p. I too would have thought K.I. would be a breeze at 1080p/60 it's a fighter for christs sake... but nope.
smoothop  +   834d ago
Exactly, you're right with K.I it just shows that some developers are getting to grips with the tools, Forza 5 and Ryse blow most launch games away but they have obviously had access/used the richer tools that Xbox One has. This is just a clear case of rushing to get games out that ain't ready yet, Sony are ahead with their system tools right now.
windblowsagain  +   834d ago
I wouldn't be so sure of that.

The GPU in xbox one.

A card in between 7770-7790.

Those cards can't reach 60fps@ 1080p in Black ops 2.

7770 gets 40fps

7790 gets 50fps

Ghosts is alot more demanding.

That's why it'll be 720p for xboxone.
smoothop  +   834d ago
Its quite obvious that some developers are behind with the Xbox One tools, you got Forza 5 and Ryse looking much better than these sub par games so it kind of proves that Xbox can handle these games.

I seen ghosts running on PS4 and it looks shabby, old game engine that looks old. You got to remember that both consoles are rushed out and its showing, Xbox with their tools and Sony with some of their launch games that have been delayed.

Like I said though its a rushed launch and obviously PS4 has the better tools out for developers so far, Xbox One does work differently and MS seriously need to get this stuff ironed out as quickly as possible.
thejigisup  +   834d ago
If the drivers aren't ready the system isn't ready. Guess they had to rush the system so sony didn't get too far ahead in the game.
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MajorMayhem70  +   834d ago
Trolls be gone! When your buying both consoles, none of this is relevant. I will however be buying COD Ghost on the X1 digitally. Buying Killzone SF so now I have a good FPS on both systems. I'm done. Let the trolling commence😜
BTBuck1  +   834d ago
for all of you who claim to not care about graphics, why aren't you just sticking with 360/ps3 or hell a wii for that matter? Ya know... if graphics don't matter.
True_Samurai  +   834d ago
Because new games like Ryse & Killzone SF will be on next gen
thejigisup  +   834d ago
New games, New controllers, New features
Bathyj  +   834d ago
I have this horrible feeling both are going to be 720p.

I'd personally love to see it 1080p on ps4 and 720p on Xbone. Not because I care what the Xbone version is like, and not because I care that the ps4 is better and I get to feel like a big man. Just because it would be real proof that a dev is willing to work to each consoles strength and separate from other versions. console parity is for the birds. If it turns out there's something in the cloud and Xbones network code is better they shouldn't hold it back for ps4, just as if ps4 is capable of better graphics they shouldn't hold it back for Xbone.
BTBuck1  +   834d ago
it's already confirmed multiple times that it's 1080p native on ps4.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   834d ago
"Though, there is a wrinkle to it that I didn’t know about during the initial rumor… Activision is very hard at work trying to up the resolution...."

*rolls eyes*

Giving himself an "out."
#15 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
CC-Tron  +   834d ago
Yep. He's covering his ass like a typical insider.
infectedaztec  +   834d ago
Great and honest (or at least I think he was trying to be). I would agree with him aswell that it sounds like COD will look better on the PS4.

I disagree with him regarding how it will play though. One thing the xbox will always have over the PS4 is its controller. Its optimised for FPS and I would have it over any dual shock any day.
Brix90  +   834d ago
DS4 has been completely revamped and a lot of reviews have already expressed how pleased they were with the changes and how great it feels for FPS games. Both controllers will be good the only difference that will matter will be what stick placement you prefer. So sorry the better controller argument is pure oppinion and there will probably be no clear winner till a couple years of use.
mhunterjr  +   834d ago
Yeah I sure this has nothing to do with the power of the xbox1 and more to do with the toolset. It should be noted though, that their are several much more graphically intensive games running in the xbox1, that are also running at a better resolution. (I'd even go on to say that there are ps3 games that look better than next gen COD). So why is it that activision is having so much trouble? I would think MS would be at that studio daily helping to get this version up to par. I doubt the typical gamer will notice or care (as frame rate is the key to this game), but this is Certainly embarrassing for MS.
#17 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GinkgoID  +   834d ago
I have no idea of the 720p rumor is true or not. I would lean towards not.

However, what I would say is that IF it is true, it is highly unlikely that they will achieve 1080p now, even with optimization. 900p very possibly, but not 1080p. 1080p is more than twice the pixels of 720p, which is way more than just 'tweaking' the code.

Anyway, its all speculation. Let's wait and see. Not long now.
kingPoS  +   834d ago
Makes you wonder at reason for Watchdogs apparent delay.
True_Samurai  +   834d ago
Idk, Forza 5 1080p and so is NBA 2K14
Halo 5 will be 1080p 60fps
Do you guys really think x1 can't handle Those mediocre Cod graphics. When it was shown on the ps4 I wasnt impressed
#20 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Sadist3  +   834d ago
Maybe Microsoft realized the majority of players, which the majority of their revenue comes from, doesn't care about resolution. Only weirdos talk about that crap. When you go to the store, you don't hear anyone talk about resolution. They're just purchasing the game for themselves or their kids. I'd rather play a good game at 720p than a boring one at 1080p. It's all about how fun the game is, I could give a crap about resolution. All you people complaining about 720p, I bet you all had PS3's and 360's. You wasn't complaining when you were playing the Last of Us were you? Bet not, now all of a sudden you're saying 720p sux. Stop being a hypocrite, stop being a follower, and don't jump on the resolution bandwagon. Because if 720p sux so bad then you shouldn't have purchased 1 single game this generation.
Campy da Camper  +   834d ago
Except that's not true. Every single person I know asks about resolution when buying a TV. Even the older folks at my work (and I'm 40) talk about DVD vs bluray and how much better a picture looks on the latter. Sure, 10 years ago only nerds cared but with social media every single 10 year old sees friends making comments about 1080p and they jump on the bandwagon.

Not saying its right but that's just how it is now. For me, the first thing I look for is native vs upscaled. I spent a grand on my LED and 600 on my plasma. I'm going to get the version that looks best.
cantfoolmepenello   834d ago | Spam
ger2396  +   834d ago
If I'm paying $500 for a next-generation console it better perform better or on par than a $400 console. Anything less is unacceptable. If not then why should I upgrade from current gen.
TristanPR77  +   834d ago
Look at the hypocrisy here...

If the x1 version was 1080 and the PS4 720 all Xbots would be laughing, joking and mocking the PS4 saying how inferior or underpowered the console is.

But what they say now that the PS4 version is 1080 and the x1 720???

Oh resolution doesn't matter, it's not important, this doesn't proof anything.

Microsoft and activation being unable to confirm the resolution on x1 means problems people, it means is running on a low resolution and they are working hard to change that. It proves the difference in development between PS4 and x1.
#24 (Edited 834d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PsylentKiller  +   834d ago
All this talk is for nothing. Did anyone see the PS4 footage of Ghosts that IGN showed recently? Everyone is saying 1080p is the greatest but the game looks like crap. Nearly every comment on that video says the same thing. If Ghosts on the XB1 is 720p and looks the same as that PS4 footage then we have a problem. The resolution doesn't matter in this war, we need side by side comparisons to declare a winner.
NeoTribe  +   834d ago
I think there stalling trying everything in there power to get the x1 version in 1080p.

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