Here’s a List of PS3 games that work with the DualShock 4

List of PS3 games that have been tested to work with the DS4 and it includes games like Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption and more.

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Majin-vegeta1849d ago

Killzone 3?Hell yea just got back into it.

UltimateMaster1849d ago

I'd rather play Shadow Fall with it.

minimur121849d ago

funnny how there's quite a few ps exclusives on the list, maybe it's the code and its obviously structered in a different way than general 'ports'

This is just a guess but if it's because of high quality ports, it would make sense, due to nnone of those games really were known for their glitches

abzdine1849d ago

that's a nice list of exclusives and 3rd party games.
Greatness awaits

Eonjay1848d ago

This is by no means an official list. Every game I tried works.

NeoTribe1848d ago

Well ofcourse, but sadly that's not an option yet.

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FamilyGuy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Heh, gonna try it out on black ops 2, see if it works any better.

Note that this is just "A list", not the list of "all the working games", period.

This site is basically just grabbing info from forums and making it into gaming articles -_-

thejigisup1849d ago

Hopefully an update fixes its compatibility with the ps3 for future use and I can't wait to get home so I can pick a few of these up.

porkChop1849d ago

Yeah you should be able to use a DS4 with any PS3 game, the DS4 has all the DS3s features.

KUV19771849d ago

No, it does not. The buttons are not pressure sensitive any more. Using them to accelerate in racers won't work anymore. Determining jump-height in games like little big planet will also not work by intensity of button pressing anymore.

porkChop1849d ago

I see your point, but the buttons would still work. LBP jumping wasn't affected by pressure though, it was due to how long you hold the button down. The reason the DS4 doesn't have pressure sensitivity is because only a handful of PS3 games used the feature at all.

Eios1849d ago

The triggers are still analog but, not to sure about the bumpers I think those are digital.

Dante811849d ago

The beauty of this is that analog buttons were rarely used this generation. SONY is just afraid that the DS3s would be gathering dust if they updated allowed this.

yewles11849d ago

Only the triggers are analog still and a good deal of PS3 racers and PS2 games overall used analog face buttons and D-Pad. The games themselves need updates for compatibility with DS4.

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solidmasta1849d ago

Beyond two soul work. And crysis 1.

Funantic11849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

No wireless connection, motion sensing, or rumble vibration...we'll it doesn't work then.

iceman061848d ago

Works...just not fully functional!

nevin11849d ago

My guess is that Sony will patched this at some point. No rumble?

Smurf11849d ago

They won't patch it. Yoshida himself is telling people which game to play using DS4 on Twitter.

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