What happened to educational games?

Everyone has heard of the most popular educational (casual) video game of all time, The Oregon Trail, but what has happened to this popular 90's genre? It seems that most educational game IP's were founded in the early 90's including; The Oregon Trail, Munchers series (Word Munchers, Number Munchers, etc), Math Blaster, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, and many more. Since the 90's little to no educational games have captivated the public like the educational IP's of the 90's. As games become more interactive, and companies like Turning Point Industries who are creating interactive software (primarily power point class room interaction) for the class room, can this genre be saved? What has happened to this popular gaming genre, could a next gen renaissance of educational gaming be around the corner? Could a PS3 or 360 be integrated into class rooms for educational games, only time will tell.

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Bonsai12143864d ago

Oregon Trail, Amazon River, and Math Blaster FTW

fenderputty3864d ago

were easily my two favorite games when I was young at school. Apple 2E FTW!

kosha3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

People dont want education anymore. They want death and blood and guns and all that crap now

fenderputty3864d ago

I got to kill little animals and eat them.

solidjun53864d ago

Nintendo took them with Brain age and all the other broadening games. Some of them are probably shovelware.

SilPho3864d ago

Thing is, some of the old educational games were actually good games! I loved Zoombinis! Hell, I own all 3 and still play them for the fun of it, I'm way beyond the recommended age group but I still find it fun.

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