Ultra Street Fighter IV Features Red Focus and Double Ultras

GaminRealm: "There was a rumor that surfaced last week that the upcoming SSFIV update, Ultra Street Fighter IV, will feature a new red focus attack that can absorb multiple blows instead of one. Today, we have an official confirmation of this new mechanic."

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-Foxtrot1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Another one....REALLY Capcom

What's next Mega Street Fighter IV?

nick3091757d ago

Ultra super duper mega sfivae

user55757081757d ago

pretty sure ultra is higher than mega on the awesome scale

however capcom really sucks. they have sold the same basic game 4 times now along with the useless DLC costumes that so many sheeple keep buying. their saving grace however is that the game is very good and definitely worth playing

anyone care to share how much they spent of street fighter 4 over the years?

i only blew $20 on the arcade edition

FriedGoat1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

They may only seem like small changes to laymans, but to people who religiously play the game, the changes are actually quite big. I'm sure lots of streetfighter fans are welcoming an update.
Adding a whole new mechanic can completely change the way the game is played competitively.

-Foxtrot1756d ago

Is it, I always assumed it was ultimate then Mega

Digimon lied to me

josephayal1757d ago

SF4 is the best fighting game of the decade

MisfitsInc1756d ago

i wont be giving Capcom anymore of my money. SF4 is the last capcom game i've bought and i'm not buying anymore.