Ryse Single Player Campaign Footage Incoming In Next Few Weeks.

Crytek Design director Patrick Esteves tweeted new details surrounding footage from upcoming Ryse Campaign. Responding to a question on twitter he replied "stay tuned in the next couple weeks. I'm sure many of your questions will be answered".


Title is suppose to be a couple of weeks not a few.

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Lalanana1852d ago

Yes, about time indeed.cannot wait :-)

JokesOnYou1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Not really. It's NOT like we have only seen screenshots for this game.

Theres been the infamous E3 sp beach landing gameplay, then behind the scenes look at the new performance capture and other tech in the game, then sp clips of executions, then a sp trailer of gameplay walking through a jungle/grassy area, then a story trailer with background info and short clips of sp gameplay, and of course there has been tons of multiplayer co-op vids and with hands on of that at every public event since ComicCon.

Yeah I think 1 more 4-5min walkthrough of the Ryse sp campaign will be greatly appreciated but I'd actually like them to go completely dark for the last couple weeks until launch besides of course putting out a couple great commercial tv ads. Why?...because I just prefer to see everything during my first playthrough, especially when its a game I'm really anticipating/cant wait to play.

Eonjay1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )


Actually we have a CG montage of cutscenes, a scene where "a coward dies 1000 times" and thats it. We haven't really seen any real single player gameplay. This is odd for a game that is launching in a month.

@Jokes tell me this
What is this game about? Where do his powers come from? What led to his family being destroyed? Where is he going? Who is the villain? Does he travel across Rome? Does he fight through dungeons? Is this really Final Fantasy disguised as Gladiator.

Legacy2121852d ago

I can answer most of those questions.
1) game is about a soldier who becomes a general after his family has been killed by barbarians he is out for revenge and the game spans marius life. Not sure about powers. His village or town got attacked by barbarians thats why his family died. main villians are the barbarians and politicians. Other questions are irrelevant where is he going and does he travel across rome is something ull find out as you play. Wheres the main character from killzone going. Wheres the main character from dead rising going?

HugoDrax1852d ago

This was the latest footage I recall seeing at EB EXPO 2013...

Video Link:

JokesOnYou1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Legacy212 Thanks you pretty much covered everything....not sure why he doesnt know basic background story thats in print from tons of sources AND for a game he follows to comment on quite often. Also why he wants to know very detailed story info seems strange....generally Id like most of those answers when I play it, if Im not buying it then wait until folks play it and ask then.

Eonjay as for the powers they have nothing to do with Marius/singleplayer, they are in the multiplayer side of the game which is seperate mode called Gladiator mode of course. In this mode you play a sort of ever increasing "horde" of enemy waves in The Coliseum with a partner. The godpowers in this mode which has nothing to do with the storyline is just for added gameplay to the co-op experience to help even the odds so to speak.

FamilyGuy1852d ago

Was tripping out about that title before the update popped up. "Few" sounds crazy when the game is so close to release already. Couple is better.

He may not have god powers in the single player but the story mode does have fantasy aspects.

"Damocles, a Roman centurion who was betrayed and murdered at the hands of corrupt Roman generals, and then returns from the underworld to seek vengeance"

Returning from the underworld is a sign powers could show up in some small part.

Ryse looks like it could have a good story, there's a good number of articles and trailers about it already.

ma1asiah1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Like my mate Jokes and Bigpappy this is one of my most anticipated launch titles. I want things to remain unspoiled.

I am happy with maybe a launch trailer, maybe even a 2 minute montage hyping me up backed by some big badass orchestral score sending my anticipation through the roof.

Or something along the lines of the first Gears of War trailer that aired in movie theatres around the globe, something epic that just leaves you going WOOOOOW!!!!

I don't want to see the first 25 minutes or the game intro like what is becoming the norm these days. Leave us to discover and experience all of this for ourselves, leave us with some mystery. BUT!!!! tease us just enough that we know we must have this game.

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Bigpappy1852d ago

It is tempting to want to see more. But like Jokes said. I would prefer if there do show more, just show updates to the 'Silencing Barbarians' segment most already saw. I have seen enough to know it this is a game that I really want to play. The answer to that is: More than any other launch title and may be beyond.

TheFutureIsBlue1852d ago


Yeah I get what you mean. All this Killzone Shadow Fall stuff popping up is hard to resist, but I've already seen enough. I'm trying not to spoil it too much, but it's hard cause a few weeks to wait is still a long time, lol. I can't wait for PS4 and Xbox One to come out so we can all finally quit arguing about each console and just play the games that we individually enjoy!

Bigpappy1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

I meant to say "don't show more".

I don't get involved is talking down PS4, I really don't care what other people buy or which company sells the most consoles. I came back to gaming because I saw trailers of Halo and DOA3 on the original Xbox and was blown away to the point that I just had to get back in after about 10 years.

So I have been very happy with Xbox and there constant push to not let things get stale. I still have not seen a reason to move to another system.

What I do in my comments is just try to put my point of view, among the wave of Xbox bashing, just to point out things that should be obvious. At the end of it, most core gamers on this site know the truth. They can see with their own eye and have enough knowledge of the industry to figure out how things work. But it they are in one camp or the other, they will remain quit when they see someone from their group spreading blatant lie on rumors against the competing console. They would also hit the disagree button it you try to make the correction. Some of this false stuff do make it back to the main stream because their is so much of it.

When the console are released, or people get to test the games out for comparison, it will be clearer where each system stand. People on the fence with make up their own minds, and those who rely on consensus to drive their decisions may find themselves duped and disappointed.

Convas1852d ago

Awww yiss!

Can't wait. Hope some updated Co-op chariot races are included!


Incoming in a few weeks?? is the xb1. I wanna see something

Riderz13371852d ago

Rofl that's what I was thinking...

B-radical1852d ago

Next couple of weeks so ealy november aha prob 2 weeks before launch

1852d ago
FanboysAreGimps1852d ago

Why does the title say few weeks? The game will be out in a few weeks and the guy clearly says the next couple of weeks..... Just thought you would tack a couple more on for shits and giggles?

B-radical1852d ago

Lol cool your jets son i did my best :'( aha nah but few couple meh footage is incoming!

FanboysAreGimps1852d ago

Lol not getting in a rage was just pointing something out, lol @ son... I'm almost 40! Lol

B-radical1852d ago

Hahah sorry sir I was just mucking around

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