Are "Art Games" Really Art?

Twinfinite's Maie Aiyed discusses why she thinks all video games are art, and why that category shouldn't be limited to just "art games"

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Yodagamer1876d ago

If movies can be, why can't games? Even gaming itself has many similarities to movies you have these games that go after your action audience and games that give you great experiences/emotion. In alot of ways it could be argued that movies are simply a more involving art than movies.

Gaming1011876d ago

Art is anything that requires creativity, so storytelling, visual arts, gameplay mechanics, they're all products of creativity, therefore are considered art.

1876d ago
yellowgerbil1876d ago

If the works by Jackson Pollock are considered art anything, including the #2 floating in my toilet is art.

isarai1876d ago

They aren't called "art games" because that's what they are, they're called that because they are made with the intent to become a piece of art. but it's not like there's some official art industry master who confirms what is and isn't art

from the beach1876d ago

Awful video - but yes, it's strange that some people try to describe the worst, shallowest, least emotive games as 'art' while the best ones don't qualify.