Critical Close-up: Metal Gear Solid 3

George from Super Bunnyhop presents a 45-minute cinematic docu-review of "one of the most entertaining game stories ever."
WARNING: Massive spoilers

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ZBlacktt1516d ago

Easily the best MGS game put out! It was SO ahead of it's time on the PS2. It had such detail as well. The Boss fights were all very well done!

fsfsxii1515d ago

I prefer MGS2 over any MGS. Though i loved MGS3, it didn't have the sci-fi real life related subject like MGS2 (Dat ending speach)

gillri1515d ago

MG1 and 3 are my favourites, 2 had its moments, 4 was just fan service and was just flat out weird

Punished_Snake1515d ago

Mgs 3 is my favourite in the series

Venox20081515d ago

one of the best games ever made and a best MGS :))