Check Out Knack Played on PS4 and PS Vita at the Same Time via Remote Play: “Couch Co-op Redefined”

During the Sony Computer Entertainment conference at the Brazil Game Show there was a nice demonstration of the power of remote play between PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

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Majin-vegeta1608d ago

Finally i can play while on the toilet anD my girl on the PS4.

Xsilver1608d ago

Thats every mans dream.

TomShoe1608d ago

I can see it now...

"Man breaks record for world's longest shit"

JoGam1608d ago

Man sits on toilet for two hours with dried shit on his ass. LOL

FamilyGuy1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Second screen two player co-op is an awesome inclusion. I really hope more games implement it.

Now imagine owning a PS Vita TV and a co-op game on two separate tvs without having to own two PS4s.... Yeah, I REALLY hope more games include this form of co-op.
My brother who is in another state could play some co-op games with me without even owning the game or the PS4 itself. All he'd need is a $100 Vita Tv.

badz1491608d ago

MY GOD...look at it! it looks absolutely gorgeous on the Vita! Portable PS4 is no joke, it runs like a dream!


BISHOP-BRASIL1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )


Yup, made the Vita that much more worth it!

Also I wasn't so interested in this game (probably getting it later or checking out when it would innevitably came into PS Plus) but this short demonstration gave me a much nicer old Crash vibe!

I hope they show more of it, if there are more levels like that along with those grow/shrink lab puzzles I'm buying it on launch. Looks like it will be great to play on Vita (maybe even more than on PS4, not that something is wrong on PS4 or anything like that, it just looks like the kind of thing I would enjoy much more on a portable).

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Kingthrash3601608d ago

question will this be do-able at launch? i was under the impression it wasnt till next year....i hope im wrong!

Abriael1608d ago

remote play is at launch. Gaikai is next year.

Kingthrash3601608d ago

in tears hugged up with my vita in a corner right now....cant comment.

LeCreuset1608d ago


I won't comment, so long as you swear to never turn that thing in for resell.

1608d ago
MrTimesplitters1608d ago

“Couch Co-op Redefined” really? Nintendo had redefined co-op play before anyone with the Wii U, and even before that with the Gameboy advance and the gamecube. So this is by no means a refinement in co-op couch play.

G20WLY1608d ago

What if you're on a couch in another house and still playing co-op? ;P

duducus1608d ago

Then it really isn't couch Co-op, if the guy isn't there... :P

Abriael1608d ago

You seem a little hurt.

gusgusjr1608d ago

Hey Abriael, did you just get an account on neogaf? Trying to find an email that would work, but I'm not allowed to use my work email.

Abriael1608d ago

@gusgusjr: been a while, just used my work mail.

colonel1791608d ago

But this can be done while being somewhere else, not just at home like the Wii U. Granted, don't know if it will be supported at launch, but from what I have read, you can play at your house with your PS4, while a family member or friend can play on the Vita at another place/city, etc.

Sony confirmed remote play via internet,not just home network, but my guess is that with co-op it still applies.

Moncole1607d ago

It will be very laggy when you do it somewhere else. Befor you go on saying how they show the feature live think of this. They were both using the same internet and the servers weren't busy. Now if you are at work and your PS4 is at home streaming Killzone SF will be hard. People will be uaing the servers, both devices will be under different internet connections and you will need to stream a big game. Same thing will be with Gaikai

TomShoe1608d ago

LMAO! Looks like someone's just jelly.

cell9891608d ago

it is a refinement, the Vita allows coop play, from anywhere theres a WiFi connection

JoGam1608d ago

It aint that deep dude. Have a seat!

lawlesdweller1608d ago

Yeah until you go out of the room as we dont all live in a house made of Wood as bricks and alittle issue called distance stops this and yes i have both consoles and yes a PSVita and all the other things too

Angels37851608d ago

While I agree with your name....I don't agree with your comment

tubers1608d ago

It's an overstatement. Always need to have "that" kind of PR.

ShinMaster1608d ago

So you're saying you could display and play almost every GameCube game on the GBA and play from anywhere in the world on the Wii U's Gamepad?

Didn't think so.

webeblazing1607d ago

didn't I call this, and everyone bashed me because I said they re going to use vita as a controller for games. this is the start.

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Xsilver1608d ago

Now I'm pretty sure you can also do this with the Vita TV too that means i can have 2 Tv's for full screen co-op O.O Lets just say I'm veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy excited for Remote Play.

colonel1791608d ago

I hope it's implemented well, and it's supported as it should. I played LAIR using remote play on the PSP and it worked great. We all know that as long as Sony support the feature (which is supposed to be in every PS4 game), we will get great and tight controls for the Vita. The issue will come from third parties which will most likely rush (or shoehorn) button layout support for the Vita. Hell, I'm not even sure third parties will support the DS4 touchpad as it should, so expecting proper implementation of remote play, will be a stretch.

DEEBO1608d ago

best feature is remote play to me.

MrTimesplitters1608d ago

Your best feature is something Nintendo Invented?

TongkatAli1607d ago

Yeah, but Sony is doing it better from what it looks. Thanks to Nintendo for being a pioneer.

nikrel1608d ago

i hope there is minimal lag with this..

Clover9041608d ago

at 0:13 "no latency"

The PS4 was built from the ground up with the Vita and Remote Play in mind.

MrTimesplitters1607d ago

I highly doubt that there is 0 latency considering remote play is being used over WI-FI. But I guess we just have to wait and see.

mushroomwig1608d ago

You can see for yourself there is no visible lag.

sypher1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Seems that instead of using the same CPU that is handling all the computations for the game like they did with the ps3's remote play. They are using a separate chip whose sole purpose is handling remote play.

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