Sony: “We Will Not Rest Until the PS4 Is Affordable for Every Gamer in Brazil”

It's known by now that the PS4 in Brazil is going to be mindbogglingly costly (the local equivalent of $1,884), but at the press conference currently going on at the Brazil Game Show in São Paulo Sony Computer Entertainment promised that things will change.

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HelpfulGamer1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Brazilian Scheme to Create more Jobs for Brazilian. Sony already manufacturing PS3 in Brazil, :D

Rimeskeem1876d ago

Sony is for gamers as they have always said

HelpfulGamer1876d ago

Sony giving Jobs to Brazilian Gamers so they can have Money to buy PS4 and Play Games. :D

dosempire1876d ago

Of course... when the PS5 arrives in the market.

Dan_scruggs1876d ago

"But we are still going to release it just in case a bunch of suckers go ahead and buy this insanely overprices piece of hardware insted of buying a far more powerful PC for the same price." - Sony

Majin-vegeta1876d ago

Sony has no blame it's the stupid Brazilian Government.

Xsilver1876d ago

Don't waste your time explaining it to him he's looking for something to downplay Sony with smh.

GamersRulz1876d ago

It's not Sony to blame when Government add 70% tax.

thehitman1876d ago

Also to add Sony dont profit anymore from it being so heavily priced the entity profiting are the brazilian government. Both Sony and the consumers are going to hurt from this since Sony will obviously sell much less than they want until they can manufacture them there, which I guess if thats the Brazilian government intention to create jobs it will inevitably work.

dale_denton1876d ago

it's because of the taxes over there dumba$$.. not sony's fault.

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Bakkies1876d ago

Fix it in South Africa as well, please :)

kayoss1876d ago

I dont think there's a big enough user base to validate a manufacturing plant for PS4's in South Africa. However I may be wrong tho.

Bakkies1875d ago

Yeah, the user base isn't huge. There is a middleman though, Ster Kinekor, who is involved in the distribution of the Playstation brand in SA and the middle-east. The people from these regions pay $700 for the PS4, like the user from Egypt below.

I just hope things will change.

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The story is too old to be commented.