Need for Speed: Rivals Exclusive Gameplay: exploring the open world of Redview County - Team VVV

VVV: "From our test drive, Redview is proving to be a rich and impeccably detailed map, thanks to the sumptuous graphics engine powered by EA's Frostbite 3. PS4 owners may have been shafted by the unceremonious delay of DriveClub which was set to dazzle with its jaw-droppingly detailed car models, but the latest build of Need for Speed Rivals more than makes up for its absence."

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PSnation41849d ago

im excited about next gen NFS rivals.. graphics looks amazing.. kinda glad they dont have those invisible walls no in races

Retroman1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I for one would LOOOOOVE!! to see close circuit tracks again.
exotic cars,tuners,customization. i mean full body kit, paint,window tinting,neon, decals,tires customization,nitro up-grade.

not paint only in RIVALS

to much open world racing is not a good thing.

Destrania1849d ago

Mmm, still not sold on this game yet.

theXtReMe11849d ago

Holy God, does this game look incredible. Im thinking it is the reason why Driveclub was delayed. I think, visually, it just couldn't compare and the developer felt embarrassed that an open world game looked so much better than their closed course, which should look exponentially better considering they are only rendering one road and not an entire county. From the videos we saw of Driveclub... The 3 courses they showed, looked bare and bland. With very little happening, visually, besides a lot of trees.

Hopefully the time they take with Driveclub, which is the Playstation brands version of Project Gotham Racing, is used to liven up the courses and strengthen it up both visually, and from a gameplay standpoint. We still havent seen any videos with other cars in a race. Just one ghost car. Very odd, considering it was supposed to be a launch title.

Makes me wonder what is actually happening with the game. Is it a graphics/ performance issue? Or is it one with game direction and exactly what they want the game to be? I just dont understand how we were so close to launch, yet never saw a video of an actual race. I guess only time will tell.