Ken Block now with EA and Need for Speed - more evidence that DiRT 4 will return to pure rally?

VVV: "Of course, Ken Block was previously known as the face, and indeed the inane voice, of Codemasters' DiRT series in the video game world. His new relationship with Need for Speed obviously means that this will no longer be possible. Drawing from this, his departure from the DiRT series seems like another indication that DiRT 4 will abandon all this hoonigan nonsense and return to its pure rallying roots."

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obelix011853d ago

I don't care for all the stadium stunts you were forced to do in Dirt 3.

1853d ago
OrangePowerz1853d ago

If they get back to pure Rally I might actually buy the game. Colin McRae Rally is still the best and that they got rid of it after Colin died was not cool.

Pintheshadows1853d ago

Please please please make Dirt 4 an actual focused rally game again.

The rally stages for two games now have been offensively short and seemingly limited due to the likes of Gymkhana and truck racing.

I don't care about that. I want a pure rally game with the same great handling model, loads of countries, lengthy normal stages, special stages and loads of cars from throughout history and a fully fledged sim style career mode. I wouldn't mind Rally Cross returning either but no more X games nonsense.

GodGinrai1853d ago

couldnt have said it better. I hope this is true. CMR3 is still the finest rally game I have ever played. I hope that grid 3 will be more TOCA like in its handling too, as in more realistic.

Faztkiller1853d ago

Lets hope but I would like truck races from Dirt 2 back

Skate-AK1853d ago

Mannn. I bet he got a huge check.

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The story is too old to be commented.