New Red Baron Details Drop, Gameplay Footage and System Requirements Revealed

Hardcore Gamer: Today, Mad Otter Games released gameplay footage, commentary, system requirements, and a Steam Greenlight page for Red Baron.

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Ulf1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Mad Otter is composed of several of the *original* Red Baron team, so I feel as though this is a pretty sure bet.

OTOH, I think that the modern gamer has such a short attention span, I'm not sure if he/she can actually appreciate a great flightsim, like Red Baron or the Aces games were -- even if there is a "casual" option.

I wish them luck, in any case, and will probably contribute to their kickstarter... make sure my Morane Bullet occasionally shoots off its prop blades, Mad Otter! And two-seaters!