Everything You Thought You Knew About the Next-Gen Might Be Wrong

CCC Says: "Is what you think you know really what you know? Or…something like that…
It’s sometimes hard to make heads or tails of things when information continues to change week to week. I’m specifically talking about the next-gen console launch. We’re heading into an exciting time as all the posturing and hype finally come to a head. We will move out of the phase of executives and PR people spinning you exactly why their particular piece of hardware is the be-all-end-all, and gamers will get to test drive the consoles for themselves. In the days and weeks to come following the launch, the forums and blogs will be abuzz with activity. Gamers will finally have a chance to make informed decisions based on real experiences. No more will there be speculation and idle gossip of “what if” this and “if this happens” that. The reality of what we have in our next next-gen systems will be right there for us to witness."

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iamnsuperman1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

"if you’ve yet to upgrade your TV setup to the more modern HD, you WILL be out of luck with the PS4.Sony was forced to retract data from the tech specs page of the console that indicated it would support analog (which it will not, only HDMI)"

Wait there are people out there with Tvs without HDMI. I didnt even know you could buy no HDMI tvs. I thought they were phased out years ago. I wouldn't call them more modern but I would call them standard

TomShoe1876d ago

At least Sony learned from Sony's mistakes.

@Superman He's probably talking about people with older TVs. I still have a few CRT TVs (the fat ones) lying around my house.

kazuma9991876d ago

It is called an adapter lolz I already bought one for my vga port on my computer monitor + switch .

gwumper9871876d ago

You cant buy them anymore but there are some hd tvs from like 6-7 years ago ish tthat only dvi (up to 1080i)

Mikelarry1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

exactly why i am going to both console event at participating retailers to get a feel and make up my mind about them as i am now bored of reading other peoples impressions of them.

lol @ tom

no doubt i have already paid for my ps4, but i still wanna see try out the impulse triggers and also ki and ryse on the xbox one.on the ps4 side the controller as alot of people are really praising it (although i never had any issues with my previous controllers).

TomShoe1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )


You may not know it yet, but your mind is already made up :D

obelix011876d ago

I already know what console I'm getting. But I want to hear from gamers who will be lucky enough to be getting both systems at launch. I can't wait to hear the first impressions & opinions. It will be refreshing to hear from real gamers after months & months of speculations, opinions & other random BS.

HugoDrax1876d ago

I'll have both at launch, and plenty of games to go along with it. Well 2 for my PS4, and about 6-7 games for XB1. Only because there will be 2 XB1 consoles in my house being used at launch. I wonder if system link is still supported as well? That would make for faster connection between my nephew and I if we decide to play certain titles together you know. Anyhow, I'll know come November 22.