The Ugliest Pokémon Ever

CCC Says: "Some players love to field teams full of adorable Pokémon like Pikachu and Fennekin. Others prefer tough-looking 'Mons like Garchomp or funny ones like Golbat. In every Pokémon generation, however, there are a few creatures that are just plain ugly. These poor, hideous Pokémon are often ignored by the player base and even by The Pokémon Company itself, rarely seen in the games or anime. We're here to give them some time in the sun."

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kB01874d ago

Where is jynx? or muck...some of those pokemon aren't even ugly lol

NeXXXuS1874d ago

One of those sites where you have to constantly click to get to see the next image...

Pieman5231874d ago

our definitions of ugly are very different.

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