How Diablo became the game that fascinated millions and helped make Blizzard famous

Click, click, click. That’s the sound of millions playing the famous action role-playing game Diablo. Now picture skeletons, demons, and dark, gothic architecture, with little piles of gold and loot spilling everywhere after a successful slaughter.

What you probably don’t think about as often are the faces — the people behind Diablo and the story of how they created a legend from a relentless, unforgiving love of gaming. Stay Awhile and Listen: How Two Blizzards Unleashed Diablo and Forged a Video-Game Empire (available for $10 on Kindle, iBooks, and Nook on Oct. 31), the first volume in a new series on Blizzard’s history from Digital Monument Press, gives voice to both.

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Tolkoto1876d ago

Sometimes I miss Blizzard's more humble days.

Sadie21001876d ago

Heh, that's a good way to put it. They're kinda big now, and it's a very different vibe.

1876d ago
Roccetarius1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I really wonder what could've been D3, if it wasn't turned into the current WoW with a different skin. I'm still playing D2, but i uninstalled D3 a long time ago.

kevnb1876d ago

It's not much like wow at all.

wita1876d ago

Does he mean cartoony?

Spinal1876d ago

I played and loved D2 I don't know why people trying to give D3 hell (no pun intended). It was actually a great playthrough but felt really short and more linear than D2 which is understandable games back in the day like fallout 2 seemed like huge open worlds in those 2D sprite like worlds.

They got loot and Insane mode wrong it was bad design I agree with everyone here. And the AH was just bad.

But gameplay wise playing my barb never felt better I tried Torchlight 2 and stopped playin like after a day or two the gameplay is just no where close to D3. And path of exile gameplay looks the same.

Hopefully at Blizzcon next month we get arenas for pvp in the new D3 xpac that was shown in E3 all those years ago it looked so fun.

pyramidshead1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I hate how the franchise is no longer as dark as it used to be. D1 being the darkest. D2 was just a lot more fun to play as it fixed a lot of things. You couldn't even run in the first one...and you shat brix when the butcher came out!
Oh also, the music in the first game was epic.

Roccetarius1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Yeah, i hate that as well. The music and generally atmosphere in the games were great. The story wasn't the main focus, but it was still good + cinematics.

ACT 3 was possibly the worst for me in D2, mainly because of Stygians as a Sorc. Once you had better gear to teleport and such, those issues were resolved.

NiteX1876d ago

I liked the music in D2 far far more than D1. D3 music was such a massive disappointment. Oh and you were most likely a little kid when you played D1, hence the shat when seeing the butcher.

pyramidshead1876d ago

Haha you got that right, that's why I'm disappointed that it's not as dark anymore as D1 genuinely did used to scare me. The music did most of that though. Built the atmosphere to the ceiling with that music, gad damn. Another reason is just that, it's so old it's now iconic for my childhood!
How would this not freak you out at 3am?!

I think I used to get as far as the catacombs and just end up going NOPE. The level design was superb as the more you went down the more degrading it got. Excellent.

bjmartynhak1876d ago

"Fresh meat"

Oh yeah!

And yes, that soundtrack still freaks me out!

CLOUD19831875d ago

Blizzard North is the true creators of the series this new game current Blizzard name Diablo 3 it's a sh1ty game made for WoW casual noobs it's nothing like the masterpiece the old "original" Diablo games was.