VGW’s Top 10 Developers of the Generation

VGW's Brian Shea: "These developers took what was thought to be the limits of game development and pushed them forward in ways nobody else had done before. Check out who we picked as a staff to make our list of the top 10 developers of this generation and let us know who you would have picked."

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ZBlacktt1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

1. BioWare??? srs? really? The one everyone hated on for the ending of ME3? Over Naughty Dog whom you didn't even put 2nd? Who will win yet their 2nd Game of the Year with The Last of Us?

Heck, I would have put Konami over BioWare and Konami didn't even make the list, lol... MGS/MGS4 is elite status which influenced every other game it's type. With Silent Hill, Castlevania.

1790d ago
ATi_Elite1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Valve is NOT number ONE and NINTENDO is NOT even on this list therefore the entire list is BOGUS!

Valve has redefined: -- Gaming, Game updates/support, Engine Software, Hardware, Online shopping, Mod Support, Indie support, and helping Novice Devs get a start in gaming. PLUS make some of the greatest games EVER that have sparked a Genre or Created a revolution.

No other Dev team has done half of this.

Infinity Ward? You have GOT to be Joking? All they have made is Call of Duty! One Got Dam game. Yes COD1 and 2 are Classics but come on you got Infinity Ward on this GOD AWFUL list but not NINTENDO. smh

-Foxtrot1790d ago

Awful list, Get rid of Harmonix Music Systems for a start

Bioware should be number 10, Ubisoft should be Number 9, Rockstar at Number 2 with Valve at Number 3 and NaughtyDog should be number 1 in my opinion.

After how much Bioware screwed up one of the best new IP's of this gen....I don't think so. Mass Effect 2 was a fantastic game but it went against what made the first one so unique, it put the third person shooter elements before the RPG goodness and introduced thermal clips which was just a bad idea to begin with. Then you have Mass Effect 3 which ended up like a massive action for the ending, well thats another story completely

Pintheshadows1790d ago

I agree completely. You left out DA2 as well which is probably their biggest crime. A lazy, repetitive, and downrite ugly sequel with average ARPG combat and a pretty throwaway story. And then there is The Old Republic which is also a pretty mixed bag.

Bioware has been all over the shop this generation and in general they have been sliding downwards since EA acquired them. I hope Inquisition fixes things (or starts to) but as good as it looks it will have stiff competition from The Witcher 3 and i'm expecting nothing short of a masterpiece from that game.

Rimeskeem1790d ago

Naughty Dog is #1 in my opinion too

kalkano1790d ago

Bethesda should be #1 for Skyrim alone. Go ahead and scoff, because "they're games are bug fests!" The scope of the games they create makes bugs an inevitability. Coming from a programmer, what they do is amazing.

-Foxtrot1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )


Skyrim wasn't just full of bugs, you know which they said the reason Oblivion/Fallout 3 were full of bugs was because of the engine, which they then went onto create a new engine for Skyrim from the ground up despite the fact they didn't create it in a way to make it easier so they would encounter less bugs, but it was a little bit of a step back for the franchise.

It seems like it got a little "accessible" which they even said they wanted and it seemed to become very easy to level up and max your character out. Plus the loading screens were a drag especially if you were doing Vex and Delvins small jobs in Riften. With them being such quick and easy jobs to do you were back and forth which came up to like (Riften - Thieves Guild - Ragged Flagon) three loading screens to get to them then another three to get out. I don't see why they couldn't of had a longer loading screen to get into towns but make it so all the houses are fully open, if they can make a massive map without a loading screen then that should be no problem.

I think Skyrim was a good game but Bethesda should not be the number one studio this gen when theres better devs then them

Eiffel1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Skyrim's Creation Engine was't created from the ground up, it's nothing more than a heavily modified Gamebryo engine with better rendering rebranded with a different name. In the credits you see "portions of this software are copyright of 2010 Emergent Game Technologies", which is the company that produced and licensed Gamebryo unitl late 2010.

ZBlacktt1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Was going to say that as well. Since Falout is huge and Skyrim is just as. Even though the nightmare for PS3 owners happened, lol. Still one of my favorite games.


FallOut 3: 2008 Game of the Year

Skyrim : 2011 Game of the Year.

So apparently both were very well received.

-Foxtrot1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

I never said they weren't good or not well received did I


Why do people end up taking things the wrong way on here all the time.

Being honest though, for Skyrim at least, out of all the games that year did it really deserve it. Portal 2 or Uncharted 3 should of gotten the award, same goes for Bethesda getting studio of the year, Valve, NaughtyDog or even Rocksteady Studios were better in my opinion, least there games didn't run into as many problems as Skyrim and at least with Portal 2 and Batman AC both versions (PS3 and Xbox 360) worked unlike Skyrim

ZBlacktt1790d ago

Learn to conversant and not be so defensive. You are not going to educate many here as everyone I hope would be aware in the gaming community.

Their are facts and then their are opinions in here. We all know the difference.

darren_poolies1790d ago

Skyrim was crap and not just because it was a bug fest. Boring story, terrible dialogue, too easy and awful gameplay.

negative_zero1790d ago

I'd think the developer of the Super Mario Galaxy games should get a mention...

Roccetarius1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Funny thing is, all of the games mentioned for Bioware, they messed up one way or another. Especially SWTOR, which was more of a SP game than an MMO.

I know everyone has opinions, but ugh, this leaves a bad taste.

Pintheshadows1790d ago

Your observation of SWTOR being more of a SP game than an MMO is very accurate. It, like much of Bioware's output since they joined EA, is inconsistent in its design and execution. They should of used the finances to make DA2 a great game rather than a servicable one, and then with the left overs they could of comfortably done Jade Empire 2 and KOTOR 3.

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