Battlefield 4 pre-orders “below BF3 at this point”

Battlefield 4 is trailing behind BF3 in pre-orders.

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Concertoine1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

"The pre-orders for these consoles that aren't even out yet aren't near what they were on consoles with 70 million install bases!"
-__- no s***

xHoii1853d ago

Doesn't really matter anyway, it will surley surpass BF3's sales

HarryB1853d ago

Haha yeah right. I preordered bad company 2 bf3 but when I played the bf4 beta I didn't even bother preordering. I'm not even getting it.

AliTheSnake11853d ago

Sales will increase once the game releases.PC gamers want to make sure it runs great on their hardware (beta had a lot of problems ) . And Console gamers want to see how it runs on their next gen system ( no footage shown)

STK0261853d ago

But, the game will still be released on the older consoles. If the pre-orders really are down overall, it means that despite having access to a larger install base for the current gen (as millions of Xbox 360 and PS3 have been sold since BF3) and having the ability to tap into the next generation install base (only a few million consoles overall, but launch games usually benefit from a higher attach rate), it's not really a good sign. I'm not saying BF4 will flop, as it surely won't, but it's probably not what EA expected.

Concertoine1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

I own a 360, and bought bf3 on there too. I'm not buying a next gen console until next year. Why would i spend 60 bucks on the worst version of bf4, and why would i pre order it for a console i won't own until at least a year.
That's why it's not selling as well.

itBourne1853d ago

The next gen versions are hurting this gen sales. Hence why Rockstar didnt say anything about GTA5 on PC or next gen, even though they clearly had it in mind all a long. I havent pre ordered any games because idk what I want first for my ps4 yet, I know a lot of people who do not want the "worst" version of a game, and I know some who plan on getting a new system soon, but arent hardcore at it, so just simply dont see a point in getting a current gen game, they are just waiting.

awi59511853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

Yeah you have to look at it who wants to buy the outdated version of a game and then have to buy it again. Well aparently EA is going to let xbox 360 and ps3 users upgrade To the next gen versions for 10 dollars extra. It may work for call of duty since they dont upgrade visuals often but people want to play BF4 the best they can. Alot of people are just going to wait untill they get the new consoles.

Hufandpuf1853d ago

I'm not getting it until the next-gen consoles come out. Why spoil it early with the worst version of the game?

badboy7761853d ago

I think this has to do with timed Exclusive Xbox DLC.

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Statix1853d ago (Edited 1853d ago )

The article said that "total" pre-orders (including current-gen, PC, and next-gen, I presume) combined are below that of BF3. It also makes sense that if BF4 preorders have surpassed BF3's, then EA would have said that directly.

To be honest, the beta kinda turned me off of the game. I've put more than 700 hours into BF3, but BF4's beta did not impress me at all. I'm questioning whether I should keep my preorder (PS4).

Concertoine1853d ago

Actually it implies they arent aware of pc or current gen pre-orders.
If you have doubts swap it for killzone and get it after you KNOW you want it or not.

MyFeetHurt1852d ago

played the beta for about 15 minutes

said "nope"

and went back to cs:go

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wtopez1853d ago

Just bought it for PC from for $39. You can do it through Origin Mexico. It was very easy. If you're interested.

BTW Tnx StillGray

konnerbllb1853d ago

I would be hesitant of this. Microsoft and Steam have banned people for purchasing cheaper games in other regions that aren't their own.

Since EA and Origin is much more Evil than both of them I personally wouldn't do this.

Omegasyde1853d ago

I bought it on the PS3 Playstation store.

Since there is a promo for 10$ back for every 50 spent, the game will only cost me 50$

Then I bought the Season pass (50$) and that gave me back another 10$. So November 1st, I will have 20$ store credit.

Gamer19821853d ago

The issue is they are only counting current gen pre-orders as these are day 1. A lot of them pre-orders are gonna come from nex-gen players as most FPS players want nex-gen now. So pre-orders are gonna be lower. It was the exact same with FIFA being lower sales this year.

Supermax1853d ago

Numbers are down because of competition,there are more and more multiplayer games this trend will be the norm for cod and bf once titanfall the division destiny halo 5 planetside 2 come out.

Starbucks_Fan1853d ago

I wonder if it's because BF4 will be $30 at Gamestop on Black Friday

gamegenieny1853d ago

I'd say the Black friday deal might have something to do with it ! :D

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