DualShockers Guide: Breaking Through Your Gaming Backlog

DualShockers breaks down how to whittle down your extensive gaming backlog with some tips for how you can conquer the often-unconquerable "Gaming Backlog."

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darthv721874d ago

I dont think i will ever break through my backlog because i keep adding to it. just this week i will be getting Wipeout XL and Ridge Racer 4 for PS1 in the mail.

That is after having purchased about 5 other retro games i didnt have in my collection. so while everyone is fixated on the next gen, i have so many games that I picked up on the cheap that have yet to even play.

Im a gamer first and collector 2nd but my wife would say im a hoarder either way. From the look of my game room....i think shes onto something.

HotMess1874d ago

I will at some point finished Dishonored. It deserves at least that much.

joe901874d ago

I'm slowly going through it but find the controls a bit clunky. do you think the same.

ian721873d ago

I have around 130 blu ray ps3 games on disc and maybe completed 30 or keep buying games that interest me but never finish as start another. At least i got plenty to play and complete if bored.