US PlayStation Store Update April 24th 2008

Sev1512 yet again comes through with info before anyone else…

Here is what to expect in this Thursdays PlayStation Store update. Its really an excellent update.

Iron Man Demo (PS3)

Echochromo Demo (PS3)

LocoRoco (PSP) Full game

Kingdom Of Paradise (PSP) Full Game

COD4 Map Pack (PS3)

Eye of Judgement Add-On (PS3)

Resistance 2 Trailer (PS3)

PSOne Classic - R-Type

Also look out for some new wallpapers and themes, along with GH3 tracks, Rock Band tracks, and Karaoke Revolution tracks.

Thank you for visiting the site.


UPDATE: Resistance 2 Teaser, not Trailer

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lodossrage3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Einhander is better than R type

But to be honest, Einhander is a PHENOM of a shooter. There isn't a single shooter even remotely similar. Stealing and grabbing enemy weapons wasn't even heard of in a shooter till Einhander. Not to mention the position of the weapons was switchable

But as for this update, now THIS is what I'm talkin' about. If sony can have more decent updates like this, they'll be good to go

Violater3864d ago

This will have to do, Soldner X should be released on the PSN later this year.

Apocalypse Shadow3864d ago

although i agree einhander was great,it was not the first game that allowed you to take the weapons of enemies and use it against them.

gaiares on genesis did this A-LONG-TIME-AGO.

you must not have been born yet?

check youtube.i had this had story characters that reminded me of ROBOTECH and had big bosses.

the store update sounds cool if true.we'll see thursday.


somethingSQUISHY3863d ago

...completely forgot about that one. So I guess my options are:

a) buy map pack, play for one day -> abandon map pack for MGO beta -> abandon MGO beta for GTA IV

b) do not buy map pack

I could say buy map pack later, but it would have to be after I was done with GTA IV... and that could be, well, a while.

Sugaruby333863d ago

somethingSQUISHY you wouldn't want to drop CoD4 to go play MGO because this weekend starting friday is double XP weekend on CoD4

so why not buy the map pack, play the new maps WHILE you get DOUBLE XP then ditch it sunday or mid-saturday for MGO (if they don't have more problems)

RecSpec3863d ago

Apparently you missed the first COD Double XP weekend, finding a decent game was near impossible. The servers couldn't take it.

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njd823864d ago

Pity I'm in the EU, but still....nice.

Darkiewonder3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Making sure to get his blog approved on this site before it's old news.
and not having Pixeljunk Monster Expansion Pack on there is a crime.

Sev3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Doesnt everyone with a site, try to get their news out there before its old? I mean dont fault me for being first. No other sites are reporting this, its not on the PS Blog.
Why am I getting reported? Just because it says .wordpress after my name?

News is news.

EDIT: PixelJunk Monsters Encore isnt coming this week. Sorry.

Daver3864d ago

I agree loll i want the expansion too!! i still need some rainbows tho so i can wait another week :)

monkey6023864d ago

LocoRoco! That's awesome and Echochrome Demo, shall be getting that.

RecSpec3864d ago

I was hoping for an Echochromo (Echochrome's evil twin?) demo though, seeing as the Echochrome demo's been out in Japan for awhile

xionpunk3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Wait echochrome is on PS3? I thought it was psp only. Sweetness, that game looks like it could put you in a zombie trance.

Oh and Iron man demo! I wonder if its possible that it won't be a horrible mess...(hoping!)

ATLRoAcH3864d ago

And both versions are completely unique to each other. Same game but all the levels are different and designed for PS3 and PSP specifically. There will probably be a nice bundle when they release.

Sev3864d ago

Check out my Hands On impressions of Echochrome.

I have the full game in English.

gonzopia3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

It's so hard to say with Iron Man... but part of me feels like it could be a very good, entertaining game. The other part of me feels like it could be a waste of time.

Echochrome is an interesting idea, and I kind of dig the Escher inspired theme going on there, but I don't think I could play it for very long. The Japanese demo had me tired out before I even reached the end of it.

...but I'll definitely download the Iron Man demo.