Super Castlevania IV Slated for a Wii U Virtual Console Release Later This Month

Nintendo has announced a new game for their Wii U’s Virtual Console, the popular and highly regarded Super Castlevania IV. The 2D platforming side-scroller will be released in the eShop on October 31st.

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hankmoody1795d ago

LOVE that game, especially the music. Very, very fond memories of this one.

XXXL1795d ago

About fucking time Nintendo! How about Draculas Curse while you're at it!

Dante811795d ago

Dracula's Curse is my favorite in the series. The Japanese version is even better.

WPX1795d ago

Day 1 buy... Again!
Did it for the original SNES back in the day too, lol.

Morgue1795d ago

I still have my original copy with the shrink wrap still on it.

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