Leaked Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Cover Jackets Show 49 GB Installation and More

Want to see how the cover jacket of Call of Duty: Ghosts for PS4 looks? Now you can, including all the information displayed on the back of the cover.

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majiebeast1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Is it native 1080P? Only thing im seeing is 720,1080i and 1080P.

Abriael1881d ago

The cover doesn't say. It just says that it can be displayed in 720p 1080i and 1080p. But covers never mention native resolution.

majiebeast1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I think it should become standard to have native 1080P on boxart when we go into the next gen.

Eonjay1881d ago

Even more interesting is confirmation of Remote Play compatibility.

Thehyph1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

This is what I was saying to some friends getting Xbox Ones.

Now that both consoles are using Bluray, game sizes are going to be huge to take advantage of the medium.

Going digital is a tough call when storage and bandwidth starts to get higher.

Microsoft should really allow you to put any hard drive in there. 500Gb is not enough. If someone wants to go all digital, then their hard disk will probably be almost full after the launch window.

I'll probably take the ps4's hard drive out and use it to replace my 160gb ps3 drive. I'll have to pick up something big for my ps4.

If remote play works well, then I'll definitely want as many digital titles as I can get.

Edit: dag nabbit, somehow I replied to the wrong post.

Deadpoolio1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Uh you do know that PS3 boxes do for a FACT tell you the native resolution correct? The red square next to the supported resolutions IS the native resolution... The newer PS3 boxes

wishingW3L1881d ago

@Deadpoolio but only in some cases. And yeah, the bubble with the resolution is marked with color red.

mistertwoturbo1881d ago


It doesn't tell you the Native resolution, only the display resolution that is projected on the TV.

FamilyGuy1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

The game looks current gen, I'm pretty sure it's 1080p native as it shouldn't be difficult at all. Does it even matter anyway when it's still gonna look like black ops 2?

49 is a lot but plays off the disc while it's automatically installed in the back ground. All PS4 games are like this, all X1 game require them to be fully installed as well. Has something to do with not wanting to spin disc all the time.

Who plays 10 retail games at a time anyway? Even at the included 500Gbs you could just uninstall the games you aren't playing anymore, same as with the PS3 game data files. Difference here is that when you go to play that game again it won't make you wait, it'll just let you play off the disc and install in the background once again.

There really isn't a problem unless you fill your HDD with downloaded games and even then you can delete and re-download those any time and choose what section you want to download first so the wait before playing isn't as long. Sucks but better than nothing.

All that said, I'm probably not even gonna replace my PS4 HDD unless I find a really good deal on a drive.

Brix901881d ago

Anyone know how there going to use the touchpad?

guitarded771881d ago

@ Eonjay

Sony said every game will feature remote play unless it uses special functionality like Move, or something that just can't be played on Vita.

badz1491881d ago

install is not mandatory for the PS4, right? the PS4 has 6X BD drive for a reason, no?

MazzingerZ1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Remains too see how much of those 500GB are left for gamers, X1 specs names something like reserved space takes a 'considerable part' of the total HDD space...probably similar on PS4 but there you can at least upgrade

MSFT will launch either an official external HDD or a new X1 with larger HDD...or maybe is just like devs says, games wasn't their priority and they thought that was enough for the few games TV lovers would own

Only MSFT knows why this gen is not even possible to upgrade it like on the X360...quite expensive but at least possible...

TheBrit1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Microsoft does not need to launch an external drive or a bigger X1 in the future - they already said you can use the usb 3.0 ports to hook up storage that can do anything the internal drive can do i.e store stuff, load games etc.

So in a sense, you can upgrade it easier but have to have an external device hanging off of the back.

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darthv721881d ago

Does it really matter?

Chances are if you have a TV that supports one of those are good to go.

majiebeast1881d ago

There is a pretty big difference between upscaled and native.

FullMetalTech1881d ago

Of course you can see the difference. If your native resolution is 720 on a 1080p. Your stretching the image to fit.

loulou1881d ago

lol cod looks terrible in the grfx department. upscaled or native, you cant polish a turd.

FITgamer1881d ago

If it's native 720p it looks worse if you run the display at 1080p. It's like all current gen COD games, they look better if you set your display to 720p.

darthv721881d ago

okay, just for reference, in my house we have a 360 and PS3 hooked to a 42" plasma running 720p. I really like the look of the plasma display. really colorful and clear but also very reflective.

We also have a 47" 1080p LCD that has a 360 hooked to it running in 720p. I have taken the ps3 and put it at 1080 on the LCD but because LCD does not produce the same rich color as a plasma...that is why i use my ps3 on the plasma.

If i had the $$ for a new set i would get one of those 50"+ LED ones and have both the 360 and ps3 hooked to it.

In due time though....all in due time.

JakemanPS319941880d ago

@loulou Not according to Febreze! :P

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Gamer19821881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

49GB.. Thats no doubt in my mind a HD texture pack for the game to make it look better. Been around the gaming world long enough to know when a game jumps from around 8gb to 49gb without anything major added (i dont mean dogs either) that's a 5X jump then its gotta be something like a HD texture pack. So instead of a new engine like promised they added a HD texture pack to add the shine on the game. You can bet your backside once released this game is native 720p with a 1080p texture pack.

nunley331881d ago

That's a huge install,i'm glad the ps4 version isn't mandatory. 8gb for any cod would be small except for the first few. Bo2 is 18gb if you download it from the playstation store. Xbone version will need the texture pack for sure if it's 720p cause the visual difference will be very obvious to anybody seeing it run.

Slappy McGee1881d ago


PS4 games installs are mandatory too. No matter which system you prefer next gen you'll be playing the "Manage HDD space" game.

mcstorm1880d ago

What I find funny about this is how big the COD game is. Should be interesting to see how big the SP is alone. I know they are not the same type of game but Nintendo making Mario World 3D 2GB in size and is a massive SP game shows how lazy some devs can be.

I don't hate COD though I just don't buy it every year and this year im going to miss not COD and BF4 and have Titan Fall as my main FPS. Should be interesting to see if both COD and BF can hold on as top selling games this new gen as everyone is different.

RobAlmighty1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

@mcstorm you will be waiting a while, Titan fall doesn't release until next summer.

Edit: read it wrong. Thought you said you were missing both the first two.

AndrewLB1880d ago

That's a ridiculous amount of data for a game like this considering even the most massive PC games like Skyrim with all DLC and tons of mods including all 4096x4096 textures only weighs in at 25gb on my PC right now. Either there is tons of extra crap (additional features nobody uses) on these discs or perhaps it says such a high amount because of future DLC, etc.

For a second I thought these games may be using Dolby True HD Master Audio but they aren't. It's standard Dolby Digital.

esemce1880d ago

And of course HD audio and HD 1080p cutscenes.

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BTBuck11881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

yes it is confirmed native 1080p at least for PS4.

Holeran1881d ago

It has been confirmed native 1080p. But for a game that looks last gen what would you expect?

joseph11111881d ago

I am buying both systems. If the Xbox one can't keep up with the PS4 in terms of resolution and fps, I am going to sell it after Xmas! Microsoft should not have compromised game quality to maintain a budget due to Kinect integration.

MizTv1880d ago

I agree
Don't like this kinect stuff the last 3 years or so
I'm just not interested in it
I would consider getting a XBone if it was sold without kinect
Games and hardware first peripherals second for me

Rageanitus1881d ago

LOL the specs on the box show what the resolution the game can output on a console.

There are ppl that still have regular HDTV's. Although a majority of the newer tv's can do native 1080p, many ppl still own tv's that only do 720p/1080i.

mkis0071880d ago

If you let covers be the judge, every single Xbox 360 game is 1080p

TBONEJF1880d ago

I could care less bout this same damn game. C.O.D. Same crap every year.

TAURUS-5551880d ago

does it say 18 players online ?

if it does i think its pretty crappy. next-gen shooters should be at least +24 ppl

5eriously1880d ago

Her is the answer to your "dubious" question. Be my guest, you are welcome


and btw are allowed to make a comment in this article
for our amusement if you please (wink)

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animegamingnerd1881d ago

Please tell me it isn't mandatory.

Abriael1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

As far as I know it is. Though I am not 110% sure. That's why I did not mention it in the article. Most of the information I'm finding online says it is.

Interestingly enough, I never though about this before.

XB1_PS41881d ago

Uhm, Can I only own 10-15 games this gen? 500gb is awful if this is going to be the standard.

Abriael1881d ago

@XB1_PS4: you can own as many as you want. All you need to do is uninstall and install.

Gamer19821881d ago

Only this game will have it pretty much thanks to the HD texture pack included. Most games won't come with this way of making them look good they will actually come with updated graphics especially exclusive games.

MegadethAndy1880d ago

This could just mean that we need a minimum 49gb space on our hdd to play this game. Possibly due to page files on the hdd, updates and stability. Does not mean its a 49gb install.

KrisButtar1880d ago

Any confirmation that retail games have a mandatory install? IGN says no and EuroGamer says yes

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solid_snake36561881d ago

@XB1_PS4 You do know you can upgrade the HDD in the PS4. I bought a 1tb HDD for my ps3 for $60.

bryam19821881d ago

Maybe he's thinking of the xbone.where you dont have.the.option.of.upgrading your.HDD so.easily

vikingland11880d ago

agree plus the Xone can use an external HDD.

Drekken1881d ago

It wouldn't say it on the box if it was optional. I really can't see the xbone being different.

I really hope this is true because the CoD franchise needs to go into hibernation.

Gamer19821881d ago

It will be a requirement on the Xbone too thanks to it too needing the HD texture pack. 360 and PS3 however won't need it. As it cannot use it.

quenomamen1881d ago

If by hibernation you mean taken out behind the barn, shot in the head then fed to the hogs so there will be no remains or chances of it ever coming back to life then yes it should.

OrangePowerz1881d ago

Shouldn`t be a problem if you look at that here from a while back http://www.computerandvideo...

gman_moose1880d ago

If so that's really bad. 500GB drive would be filled up very quickly if this is the norm.

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s8anicslayer1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

49 GB Installation is just absurd! Being that next gen we are seeing these huge installs and downloads, 1tb HD's should be the standard, not 500gb. We'll have no space in like a week with the addition of digital games and dlc as well.

Software_Lover1881d ago

I dont know what they are doing. The only thing I can think of is 3D? Even then, Crysis 3 came in 3D and is nowhere near this size.

SynGamer1881d ago

4.9GB makes more sense...but damn, 49?

Drekken1881d ago

I was going to at least rent this game to see this gen's 3D on my TV but I think I may just get AC instead. CoD isn't my cup of tea anyways.

Gamer19821881d ago

3D isn't anywhere near this game plus 3D doesn't add size to the game texture packs though are MASSIVE in size just look at skyrim texture packs for PC to see what I mean.

nunley331881d ago

@software [email protected] - 3d would add to some of the install size,it does for uncharted 3 if you get the digital version since the disc doesn't need an install. You have the option of not downloading tbe 3d,language packs ect for it so maybe the digital version of cod ghosts will offer the same. It added quite a bit to the U3 download if you choose to get it.

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MasterCornholio1881d ago

Well at least you can replace the PS4 hard drive. Also Yoshida said that its optional if you want to install a game or not if its a retail copy (no duh).

Nexus 7 2013

Dante811881d ago

1080p videos and uncompressed audio eat the disk space for breakfast

solid_snake36561881d ago

I'd rather buy my own HDD instead of having Sony release a 1tb ps4. You know how cheap HDD's are? That's why I bought a 160gb ps3 instead of the 320gb. It was way cheaper to buy my own HDD and replace it. If their was a 1tb ps4 the cost of the console would have been much higher

ABizzel11881d ago

1TB isn't enough. That's 20 retail game installs and your HDD is full. Most core gamers have AT LEAST 20 games in their retail game library alone, not to mention PS+, PSN downloadable games, DLC, etc...

LetoAtreides821881d ago

Who plays 20 games at a time? Most people just focus on one, maybe two games at a time. You can always delete the installs on the games you aren't going to play for a while and re-install them whenever you need to.

Eyeco1881d ago

I think he was being sarcastic, the average gamer will own anywhere between 8-12 games in a console lifetime ( judging by attache rates) so 500gb is rightly suited especially this early in a consoles life.

We the "core" gamer or enthusiasts as I prefer to say, are in the small minority, we'll own at least 20 games in a generation, I personally own over 50 PS3, 60 360 and 15 Wii games, I have allot of games so I've either had to a buy additional HDD or simply delete data.

I'm sure both Sony and Microsoft will release bigger HDD models down the line, but as of right now it's not the necessity.

ABizzel11879d ago

If you plan on using remote play you have to install the games to the HDD or have the disc in the console.

1TB isn't enough to store all those games you get from PS+, and games you buy. PS+ is suppose to bring 2 free PS4 game per month. That's 24 games per year downloaded to your HDD. Indie and PSN games will likely be at least 1GB in size considering they're likely to be 1080p native, and full retail games are going to be 10GB or larger which is why all consoles have at 25GB minimum disc capacity, because DVD won't cut it anymore. At minimum that's 264GB of data per year on PS+ games alone. After 2 years your 500GB HDD is full, after 4 years your 1TB HDD is full, and that's not including PSN games you want to buy outside of PS+, DLC, and full retail games you want to install to the HDD.

That 500GB and 1TB HDD are going to be gone and fast.

DeadlyFire1880d ago

Welcome to the era of 64-bit gaming. Bigger games, bigger files, and etc. Just wait until you see 128-bit gaming.

Its not just the consoles either. They are pushing bigger installs for PC as well. Both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts, and Need for Speed I believe all have large installs.

I believe on Consoles they have built this play as you install tech. So it shouldn't matter to much. Size will matter though.

In a PC you have 3 or 4 empty bays for HDDs/SSDs + External storage options.

On consoles you have one bay and so far external is not supported. PS4 allows you to swap with any laptop HDD/SSD. Which is a plus as this gen 2TB and up seems ideal. I know why Sony didn't go ahead and push 2 TB out to the consumers though. To keep the price under XB1.

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SeanScythe1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

So is it just installing the Game on the system?