Assassin's Creed 4 Leaks In The Usual Online Places Today

Like many a game before it, with 5 days to release date, Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag has leaked over Giganews newsgroups.

The 360 version was released by 'Complex' and weighs in at 17.42Gb across 2 disks, and the PS3 version at 10.68 via 'Riot', this is yet another blow for game makers, only this time it's at Ubisoft's front door.

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GodlyPanda1171849d ago

Pirates want to play as pirates, I guess.

barb_wire1849d ago

The 'Assassin's Creed' games have always leaked early.

In this day and age, it's almost impossible for a game not to be leaked early.

Makes me wonder how these groups get a hold of them though, days and sometimes weeks before release.

hankmoody1849d ago

You can bet that more often than not it's an internal leak.

brich2331849d ago

They get shipped to stores early, and then employees at walmart for example open the box, and take thier game home early.

Eamon1849d ago

Every game gets leaked. This isn't news.

GaminGuys1849d ago

It's always news. Murders happen on a daily basis but its still a life lost, same as this is a sale or more lost.

porkChop1849d ago

It's not a lost sale -_-

Just because someone downloads a torrent online doesn't mean they would pay for the product if the torrent hadn't been available. Is it possible that they would? Yeah, of course it is. It's not a guarantee though so it can't be treated like one.

Eamon1849d ago

lol comparing a potential lost sale to a murder is like comparing a teardrop to the Pacific Ocean.

GaminGuys1849d ago

Tell that to the developers same as telling that to a family. Would you like to see your years of work ripped off? There would be a loss there somewhere.

Orbilator1849d ago

Lets just hope Sony and especially m$ get there protection sorted real tight. Sony were one key away from perfection with ps3 and the vita is still solid.
M$ lasted 2weeks before its 360 was blown wide open.
Mind you I always thought they did that to encourage console sales.
piracy sucks that's for sure.

GaminGuys1849d ago

Xbox 360 went best part of 2 years. Jtags didn't even appear till GTA4 dude. Trust. I was in at ground level pretty much.

Saviour1849d ago

Xbox 360 was hacked as soon as they launch, maybe 2-3 weeks(JTag was done in under a week of launch or even before launch idon't remember correctly). Xbox 360 always been victim of hackers, on other hand Sony's blue ray did prevent illegaly burned copies until early 2010. Xbox 360 hacking community is much more active thn PS tht might be the reason of Xbox hacked so early.