PlayStation Trying To Rally Gamers To Protect The Games Industry

PlayStation is asking it's fans to add their voice in an effort to protect the games industry.

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Godmars2901584d ago

The only thing I hate about things like this is that it leads to company entitlement. All the crap we saw with many in the industry saying it was "recession proof" right before it went into recession.

darthv721584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

While this has less to do about sony and more to do about this:

Sony is at least bring their existence to more people. This is a united front. Anyone who games on PS, Xbox, nintendo, etc should check it out.

Pogmathoin1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Agreed shoddy, Sony care about getting gamers back and will do, say whatever it takes to fool us again... Sarcasm!!

Anyway, its not just up to Sony, MS, Nintendo... its up to us at the end of the day. Sadly though, we are seen as an immature bunch of whining kids, arguing over specs, and never show that same passion to fighting against the real big shady people... We should be united as one, gamers, not splintered over stupid little things...

cactusjack1584d ago

the NRA is running out of scapegoats so now its the videogames turn to be the scapegoat.

cactusjack1584d ago

i wonder why parents are never the problem, most to all school shootings are with daddies gun or mommies.

Eonjay1584d ago

The answer is simple. You can't create legislation telling someone how to raise their kids. By the same token, no one has to put up with getting shot by someone's psycho kid because thy don't know how to lock a gun up. So, you go after the guns themselves. The NRA may want you to believe that its videogames, The politicians may want you to believe its the NRA. The truth is that we have a bunch of irresponsible people raising kids.

Blackdeath_6631584d ago

also these event rarely if ever occur outside the US. the are countries with a much much higher percentage of gamer that have zero reported shootings

PlayStation_41584d ago

Good that Sony are making people aware of these awful anti-consumer policies the US government are trying to push... (will affect you even if you don't live there)

KrisButtar1584d ago

I'm not American so it doesn't seem like I can't sign up to help, but I sent it to all my American friends :)

TongkatAli1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

In America we need a new currency that isn't government regulated. I hope Bitcoin takes off and we will never get ass raped by banks ever again. Money is suppose to backed by Sliver and Gold not fing debt and blue suit thugs and gangstas.

XboxFun1584d ago

Definite! Not to mention "interest" the biggest scam the world bank has ever pulled on people.

Hicken1584d ago

The World Bank? You think they created interest? How cute.

ambientFLIER1584d ago

So...without would banks operate?

XboxFun1584d ago

Banks make more money by investing the money you put in to other businesses. Not to mention property and other investments bank use our money for.

There are no real reasons to charge customers an added fee on top of the money they loaned to them. No other reason but to make more money back and to fluctuate interest rates from person to person.

There are many banks in the world, especially in the middle east that prohibit the use of interest. Especially in the muslim religion where it's actually a sin to do so.

Monolith1584d ago

Ban the federal reserve and we can be free again. I agree.

WeAreLegion1584d ago

"And when I come back and bust your @$$, we are locking David Ershon in the Federal Reserve!"

mhunterjr1584d ago

I hear you, but what is bitcoin back by?

TongkatAli1584d ago

Bitcoin is a distributed peer-to-peer digital currency that functions without the intermediation of any central authority.

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