Taking a look through the Oculus Rift l Fextralife

Learn more about this mysterious but promising piece of gaming gear.

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MrCastle1791d ago

Seems like I've been hearing about this for years. They must have a decade of development on this unit!

RumbleFish1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Prototype 2012

Not that long! ;)

Bluebird81791d ago

when i can play AAA games developed for this kind of tech i will jizz.

RumbleFish1791d ago

Really? I haven't heard of an additional device for under the desk yet. :P ;)

Dfooster1791d ago

Who wrote the article a four year old. One paragraph $300 is deemed expensive for a rift and the next its dirt cheap for a development kit. Make your mind up.

annus1791d ago

Rumour of 4000p? 4k is 1800p.