Ouya CEO Comments on Console’s Sales Problem

The Ouya is a small $99 android based console that was released in June. The problem was that nobody bought it. For those of you that didn’t know about or didn’t buy….I don’t blame you at all.

Now the Ouya got its start by the backing of reaching over 8 million dollars in backing money, making it the most successful gaming related project the website has ever held with Mighty No.9 coming in second. But we soon learned that Kickstarter isn’t a exactly a way that predicts the outgoing success of a certain project meaning that just because you do well on Kickstarter doesn’t mean your project won’t do well in the real world.

The console’s launch was plagued with troubles. 1) The first shipment of consoles didn’t reach to all of the backers who supported it. 2)For the people that did get the console on launch they suffered through malfunctioning controllers as the thumbstick didn’t work, the buttons get stuck and the Wi-Fi feature for some units were shoddy at best resulting in a feature that works on and off. And finally the fact that there aren’t that many games on it that you can’t play on your Android smartphone or Steam. There was also an immature vomit-fuelled Ouya advertisement that poked fun at $60 games, which got a lot of heat over its over-the-top usage of puke.

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Lovable1878d ago

Right off the bad this whole thing was a messed! You can easily buy a cheap knock off of consoles in China and it will even support nintendo games that can emulate NES and gameboy games.

zeal0us1878d ago

A mess indeed. Honestly the device should have supported Play Store out the box. With new consoles right around the corner this thing won't survive long. Indie developers will just move to next gen consoles where the game has a higher chance of selling than on a platform where only 27% of owners buy games.

XboxFun1878d ago

Buyer beware!

There just isn't any room for another console out in the market. Especially one that doesn't have any kind of draw or defining features that appeal to the majority of gamers.

As the author said, many people are using it to emulate old games on their TV? Not a great selling point or start if you ask me.

VonBraunschweigg1878d ago

Tell me XboxFun, those defining features that appeal to the majority of gamers, you're not talking about Kinect or those not compatible rechargeable batteries sold seperately are you?

XboxFun1878d ago

Well Mr. Von, I'm talking about features from all the consoles, whether it be Nintendo, Sony or from MS.

The WiiU, PS4 and Xbox One have many more defining features like for example the Kinect 2, the WiiU's 2nd screen gamepad and the touchpad on the PS4 controller...oh, but Ouya has that too, uuum, the share button on the DS4.

I'm sorry if I didn't get into specifics on what the other consoles have that the Ouya doesn't and why the Ouya might not be attractive with what it has to most gamers.

But yes, Ouya lacks the new console excitement that Nintendo, MS and Sony have captured. If you are a Ouya fan than please let me know what makes this system great.

rdgneoz31878d ago

I have my PS4 launch edition preordered since E3, but I do have to agree with him. You can play pretty much all the games on a smart phone and hook up a ps3 controller to one for cheap if you want. There were no real exclusives for the system, and the thing was having too many issues right out of the box.

I remember seeing pics of one reviewer/backer unboxing it and the cover of the controller had fallen off during shipping. Combine that with the annoying need for a credit card to be linked to your account before you can even do anything (even play free games / demos) and the supposed always on internet connection that's needed to play anything (that thing that everyone hated MS for originally having till the caved and reversed it), and you have a lot going against you.

ziggurcat1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

bu-bu-but... it's a revolution...

i called it a long time ago (while it was still a kickstarter project) that:

a) it was going to fail


b) it was just going to end up being a nintendo emulator

Orbilator1878d ago

It was an awesome idea that was painfully executed. Sony just handed ouya its ass on a plate with vita tv I feel. Still its like you say. Why bother with it when your smart phone does it all

MrTimesplitters1878d ago

Please do not praise the Vita TV untill it actually comes out.

GenericNameHere1878d ago

It's a $100 Vita that plays Vita and PS1 games and lets you play them on your TV... What's not to praise there? That $100 price alone makes it a no-brainer.

ziggurcat1878d ago

don't forget about streaming PS4 games to any TV in your home....

MrTimesplitters1878d ago

The whole point of buying a PS Vita is to play on the go. Why would I want to play poratble games on a TV. Also I would rather pay a extra $30 for a 2DS, Which has a better library of games than the Vita.

ziggurcat1878d ago

"Why would I want to play poratble games on a TV."

if you're at home, and you want to play a vita game, why wouldn't you want to play it on your larger TV instead of that 5" screen?

and again, the vita TV can stream PS4 titles to any TV in your home, so you don't even have to be in the same room that you have your PS4. the device isn't just about playing vita games.

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