Here’s How the Xbox One Game Cases Look, Not “Naked” Anymore

A few days ago you saw the fist picture of an actual Xbox One game case "in the flesh". That one was "naked", with no actual cover. Some even wondered if it was fake. Today you can finally see how the same cases look with their covers, nicely on display at at two different stores.

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JokesOnYou1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Nice. Thats 1 thing I'll miss about buying physical discs the game cases artwork, crackin it open the first time its too bad I won't have any this gen....well maybe if there a super sweet collectors edition of Halo5 or whatever. Anyway still with all the conveniences of digital, every game in 1 place and a couple clicks or a voice command away from up and running plus the lack of clutter in a few years will more than make up for it.

TRD4L1fe1849d ago

But wouldnt your harddrive fill up pretty fast if you download every game?

Dusdg1849d ago

You can hook up external hard drives to fix that issue. However you will always end up filling it up and needing more space.

DomceM1849d ago

you dont need to have every game installed. some SP games you never play again, so you can remove them. if the urge ever hits you can redownload. also use a huge HDD.

SecondSon1849d ago

DomceM but some days I just feel like jumping into an old game to play for an hour. With DD I would have to spend an hour just downloading it.

Eonjay1849d ago

I prefer the physical case. But I am upgrading the HDD when I get the PS4 to help me deal with all the free games PS+ gives away.

mwjw6961849d ago

Most game will let you download/ or install from disk while you are playing the game. I think PS4 has that solution also.

Its a great time to be a gamer!

nukeitall1849d ago

You can download part of the game or get an external hard drive.

There is bound to be some snazzy looking external hard drives on the cheap with USB3 connection.

JokesOnYou1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Nah you can delete them and redownload them whenever you like....they are tied to your account. Im not too nostalgic even now I probably only have a 4-5 games rotation between releases then after awhile I get burned out. Really the older I get the less time I have so that rotation is shrinking. Halo3 was one of my favorite games but after 2+ yrs and now with Halo4 I haven't played it in ages so why do I need to keep it on my HDD? I'll have maybe purchased 10 games max by the end of next year always on my X1 HDD just in case but really I dont see the need to keep anymore than 5-6 of the main one I play frequently on my HDD so I'll delete anything I havent played in 6 months...its really easy to manage it that way. Then if I ever get that itch for any old game I'll redownload it....which means even deep into this next gen life cycle before I ever think about buying a external HDD I'll still always likely have at least 50gb free space.

Anarki1849d ago

Just incase you cannot read it once, it's wrote at the top twice just to make sure you know what platform it is. Looks retarded.

donman11849d ago

Plus how would you trade in a downloaded game for store or online credit towards a future purchase? Indie inexpensive games I can see me downloading but not a AAA 2nd or 3rd party game.

ohiostatesman1849d ago

The Xbox One cases look absolutely fantastic.

aCasualGamer1849d ago

"Xbox one" "Xbox one"

Is it just me or does it seem they made an error when designing the cases?

Ratty1849d ago


I was wondering the exact same thing. It's like a department worked on the plastic cases, another worked on the cover papers. The two didn't talk to each other and thought it was their job to put the "Xbox One" logo on top.

I don't like it.

user55757081849d ago

and just in case anyone is confused they had to put "xbox one" on the case twice

RJMproductions1849d ago

You cannot use a external hard drive with the new consoles this has been confirmed by both companies.

UnHoly_One1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Reading the article is your friend.

"It’s worth mentioning that the final covers won’t have the redundant logo at the top"

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pedrof931849d ago

Just a question, if your accounted gets banned don't you lose all of you games,dlcs,etc ?

zero_gamer1849d ago

Your system activation might still work, but you wouldn't re-download any of your content from the Marketplace. Anything left behind will be lost. However if your console fails, there goes all.

Blachek1849d ago

If you get banned I hope you lose everything.

pedrof931849d ago


Why ?

I don't play on xbox by the way.

SilentNegotiator1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

People have been threatened a ban for having their town listed as "Fort Gay" (an actual town), even if they proved that they were actually from said town.

Why would you wish for people to lose their hard earned games due to any and all bans, blachek? Do you seriously trust Microsoft's staff to make perfect decisions with bans, 100% of the time?

nukeitall1849d ago


So it was threatened, but didn't happen, right?

Besides, how many people are from Fort Gay, which is a pretty gay name.

I don't trust MS staff to make the correct decisions 100% of the time, but I expect them to correct it most of the time after they were alerted to their mistake.

Besides, game discs has it's problems. It wears out the optical drive, which is far more likely to happen than me getting banned. Haven't had a problem all these years.

sincitysir11849d ago

"Pretty gay name" what is this elementary school? Grow up please. Stop using the word gay in a negative way. Thank u.

rainslacker1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Wow...ok to all the immature people.

"The Fort Gay community traces back to 1789, when 11 people established a settlement at the junction of the Tug and Big Sandy rivers, across from what is now Louisa.[1] In 1875, it was chartered as Cassville; though it was simultaneously known as Fort Gay. In 1932, the town's name was officially changed to Fort Gay. There is no evidence as to why the name was changed, there are several prevalent theories: that either the railroad company or post office did not want two Cassvilles on the same route/state (there is another Cassville, West Virginia), or that a Civil War nurse named Gay became synonymous with the town."

Way back then, "gay" meant happy, still does actually, and had nothing to do with homosexuality. Or you could be insulting a Civil War nurse who was respected enough to have a town named after her. Good job guys.

MS part in all this(from the easily found Wikipedia page)

"In 2010, Fort Gay was in the news when a resident of the town had his Xbox Live account suspended for writing "fort gay WV" as his location, as Microsoft has language policies that prohibit references to homosexuality. Microsoft customer service representatives refused to believe that Fort Gay existed, and it took an appeal from Mayor David Thompson and media coverage for the issue to be corrected"

Guess MS couldn't use Bing to look up if there really was a Fort Gay, and required a mayor's intervention and media attention to fix their mistakes. Seems like a lot of work for someone to get MS to fix their mistake. Think of how many people that have issues that will never get noticed.

Purchased content should remain regardless of ban. If they want to prevent you from playing online, so be it. Even if they ban a console for modding, they can ban the console, and future purchases, but anything already purchased should remain. Valve tried to strip people of their games if they didn't agree to an updated TOS. Can any of you tell me that you'd be OK with that if you didn't agree?

DD still isn't perfect, and it's a risk every time you make a purchase because you own nothing.

And nuke, a laser assembly can be easily replaced with a screw driver.

Edit: I will give the benefit of the doubt for now, because it's quite possible purchase content will still be playable with a ban on the live account for online use. I'd imagine MS would still want people purchasing content, and in their defense, it doesn't make good business sense to go on major banning sprees when it comes to software sales.

DOMination-1849d ago

So you'd rather MS didn't care about people being homophobic on xbl then?

Ratty1849d ago

I've had a PS3 since late 2007 and I never got banned once so I wouldn't know.

seedaripper19731849d ago

How can you possibly store games on an external HDD?? the realms for piracy would be enormous..I'm afraid Xbone users are lumbered with 500 GB for life!

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cellur1111849d ago

The problem with that is that physical copes are always (most of the time) cheaper than the digital ones, unless of course your steam.

Ratty1849d ago

PS+ indeed. Even if we put the instant game collection aside, the discounts are sometimes cheaper than physical copies. For example, Metro Last Light was 49.99$ with PS+ at launch.

I hope we get more deals like that in the future.

whothedog1849d ago

I'm a collector, I collect things.

spunkee3111849d ago

Fuck that. I'd rather have physical disc all the way. Won't fill up the Hard Drive. Won't need an external to clutter up my shelf. And most importantly I'll have the game in physical form so i can take to my friends houses if I choose.

The only time I buy digital is for smaller arcade games or if I am forced to because there is no physical option (like Crysis 1 for xbox).

I love artwork, and I display my games like Trophies :). Physical games all the way.

rainslacker1849d ago

Aren't the X1 games still going to install on the HD like before? They just require the disc to be inserted now for verification.

1849d ago
CoLD FiRE1849d ago

"Won't need an external to clutter up my shelf." Yet you would rather have physical game discs cluttering up your shelf? SMH!

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buynit1849d ago

Did i miss some Info? Im not sure about the 360orxb1 but i can't dd a Game into a external hdd on my ds3 i know cause i bought a 1tb for it and after converting it to fat32 i couldn't, i can save games to it but that's it..

Did ms announce you can dl full games into a external hdd? That would be great news since i have been wondering how i will upgrade the hdd once i fill that 500gig...

seedaripper19731849d ago

It won't be done, otherwise you could just buy cheap ex HDDS full of games...i thought you people were smart??

buynit1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Seedairipper... I dont think you have to be a rocket scientist to lock that hdd and games to one console... the exhdd has to be formated and recognised by the console.

CoLD FiRE1848d ago

You can download full games to external drives on the 360 and MS already confirmed it's also the case with the One except there's not going to be a size limit on external HDDs and it will be added through an update after launch.

xtremeimport1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

So it says "XBOX ONE" twice?

Who gave the okay for this? the coverart "xboxone" is completely pointless if theyre gonna have it etched right above.

*sorry I jumped to conclusions. I see they say the final versions wont have the double logo. heres hoping!*

vakarian751849d ago

Didn't they say that the xbox one and ps4 cant use external hard drives.

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XboxFun1849d ago

Much better, the fact they showed an empty green case was laughable and shouldn't have made it on this site in the first place.

TRD4L1fe1849d ago

it was a way to feed the trollolols

MysticStrummer1849d ago

Much better indeed. I thought the empty cases looked a little odd but these look cool.

rainslacker1849d ago

I saw some display cases and the X1 system/peripheral display at GameStop yesterday. Have to admit....they are really green. The internet pictures do not do justice to how really green everything is for the X1. It really is a spectacle to behold. Take that as a good or bad thing based on your own opinions.

Niv1849d ago

Xbox one
Xbox one

Wtf? Xbox 2

sobotz1849d ago

I think it means it's exclusive. The COD Ghost's case doesn't have double Xbox One logo. It's weird though

Abriael1849d ago

Nope. it's just the store that's lazy. They didn't cut out the top band. The final version of the jacket won't have that, like the COD Ghosts one in the second pic.

andrewsqual1849d ago

Those cases in the top pic are DVD aspect ratio boxes meaning they ARE NOT Xbox One cases. Just a place holder in some stores for now. The double Xbox One label at the top is a dead giveaway. This is what they look like

Kran1849d ago

If they're gonna say it's exclusive, just put "Exclusive" or something on the box.

No need to put the name twice :/

vakarian751849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I would figure the ones with the double xbox one are the real ones because the only one without it is the call of duty ghost box which says promotional display only right in the corner.

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CryofSilence1849d ago

Yeah. I hope they don't have the redundant Xbox One logos in the final release.

OldGirl1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


Seriously though what is with that? Looks messed up. PS4 cases are not like that.

I would hope those are not final. I really wonder who they pay to make this stuff and how that just slipped by them.

Was the first thing I noticed. It just looks odd.

@Abriael - Could they not have put exclusive or something like that, the PS4 just has Only on Playstation? Also if they cut it won't it show the inside of the case a little like the first images that were shown without the paper in the case?

Don't know why anyone would disagree, if you look at the COD case, you notice it doesn't have that fancier Xbox One emblem at the top of the box like the exclusives. It still looks weird to me, I don't see how cutting the paper would make it look different then, it seems like the sleeve would be too small.

No biggie, wouldn't stop me from buying them just saying it looks weird is all.

Abriael1849d ago

Nah, they'll just be printed in the right size. The second pic with COD Ghosts is more accurate to the final look.

UbiquitousClam1849d ago

Does it really mater. the xbox one cases are green and the ps4 cases are blue, they both look to be the same size.

I wonder what people will find to fight about, should be interesting.

Abriael1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Is it bad that I wish that the PS4 cases had a separate logo at the top as well? I know it's a small detail, but it looks nice lol.

Not "fighting" mind you. What matter most is the game. I just think it's a nice touch.

Naga1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

It's weird how those little details can have such a surprising subconscious effect on the impression. I really like it, too.

MaverickStar71849d ago

I expected the PS4 cases to be like that until I looked and my shelf and realized they probably wanted to make them look different from the millions of blu-ray movie cases out there.

itBourne1849d ago

I love the Blue-ray cases tho lol, I think it may be a way for Sony to separate their games from blu-ray, while also sort of aligning themselves with blu-ray at the same time lol. If that makes sense.

rainslacker1849d ago


From what I've seen they're not as transparent as the regular blu-ray cases. They're more akin to a large Vita case with the way it's trimmed and stuff. The actual case is slightly transparent, but still not completely see-through. I haven't compared them side by side, but I'd say the PS4 blue cases are the same blue as the Vita.

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Naga1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I know a lot of people don't dig the green cases, but if they're going to go with green, I think they did a pretty nice job with it.

I'm trusting that those covers are placeholders, though, and the final retail versions won't have the redundant "Xbox One" logo beneath the one on the case itself...

OldGirl1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

"I'm trusting that those covers are placeholders, though, and the final retail versions won't have the redundant "Xbox One" logo beneath the one on the case itself..."

Yea I am thinking the same.