Warren Spector Interview: ‘The Games Industry Needs To Grow Up – & Stop Putting Easy Profits First’

Legendary game designer Warren Spector produced such classics as Deus Ex and System Shock, and has most recently overseen development of the Epic Mickey titles.

Ahead of an eagerly-anticipated appearance at the Bradford Animation Festival, he spoke to FMV about his influential career, his thoughts on the industry at large, and why he fears for the future of mainstream console games.

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HighResHero1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

He is correct and we've seen what can happen to companies who try to scalp their customers for a quick buck, with excessive DLC nonsense, etc.
It's also funny when companies start to try to appeal to "everyone" instead of their fans and end up alienating everyone.
If you keep your fans happy and make good games instead of trying to cash in, real gamers (not just trend followers) will appreciate it.
Make good games and make lots of money? What a novel idea! I can think of a few companies who could benefit from its' introduction.

vegnadragon1849d ago

i don't see DLC as a problem, i see sequels as a problem. For example, we get a call of duty every year, with barely anything new online besides the story that i never play, then we got other company wants that cod money so they make their own shooters, now the market is over-saturated with them.

HighResHero1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Hah I was actually going to mention that but my comment was getting long. Shooter over-saturation, CODism, "playing it safe", and TOO MUCH DLC, etc. have been pretty bad this gen.
I don't have a problem with worthwhile DLC, that's not on the disc already, doesn't take anything away from the original release, and is worth the money.
I'm actually looking foward to some DLC like Mirumasa and Mercenaries for example.

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President1849d ago

So this noname website got 1 interview with this guy but spread it out over several articles. Nice trying to get hits, wont click.

shodan741849d ago

Er...what? The entire interview is contained within this one article.

President1847d ago

Erm, you had a previous article with an interview with this guy, surely you didnt interview him twice in a few days time?

carreirabr1849d ago

Says the guy working on Disney's ips.

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