Ubisoft announced Assassin's Creed Liberation HD release date and price

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD will arrive for the first time as a digital title on PlayStation 3 and PC on January 15th, 2014, and on Xbox 360 "this January", for £15.99, Ubisoft has announced.

[Further details including pre-order discounts can be fount via the Credit URL, sorry, report issues]

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Evil_Abed1790d ago

Vita owners, is. this game any good?

ziggurcat1790d ago

i have it, but i keep getting sidetracked, and have barely touched the game at all. it's good from what i've played so far, though.

etownone1790d ago

Nah.... Big let down for me.

Story was ok.

Maybe with Hd graphics, exclusive stuff, and at $10.... It's worth a go.

KrisButtar1790d ago

It was the reason I bought a Vita and is better than AC3(story wise). I recommend it

The button layout was a little different on the Vita(eagle eye was up on the d-pad instead of L3) will likely be changed to match the layout of AC3 or one would hope.

Rezka1790d ago

Yeah its decent enjoyed it more than ac3

Skate-AK1790d ago

It's not bad. I hope they upgrade the voice quality though. On Vita they sounded muffled when they spoke.

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phantomexe1790d ago

Well the connor missions are in it because that one area was part of the cross over mission. Is the season pass up on the ps3 yet?

boribori8311790d ago

Should release it on next Gen systems ubi.

1790d ago