PS4 and PS3 Launch Titles Compared: Killzone Shadow Fall Vs. Resistance

"It's amazing that we've come so far in the span of just seven years. In November 2006, the PlayStation 3 launched and was widely hailed as the most powerful machine at the time. The PlayStation 4 repeated this trend, despite there being far more naysayers now than seven years ago. But what's most interesting isn't the difference in technology - it's in the launch titles."

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Drekken1878d ago

Now lets look at Resistance compared to the end of the PS3 generation exclusives like TLOU or Beyond. It's hard to conceive how good games will look on the PS4 in 4-5 years.

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TheFallenAngel1878d ago

Resistance: Fall of Man was an amazing title. It was so alive with the community. I remember we used to schedule clan battles on gamebattles. The whole in game clan and friends system was engaging. The menus were easy and nicely done. Everything was perfect on that game. While xbots complained about no games on PS3 I was playing this all day everyday. FoM will forever be in my memory. Let's hope shadow fall does the same.

OhReginald1878d ago

yea same here, however I how the game was crowded with one-shot kill servers....ugh i hated skill what so ever.

darren_poolies1878d ago

One-shot kill, Manchester Cathedral, 40 players. One of the best and funnest multiplayer experiences I've ever had.

HammockGames1878d ago

@ Reginald - I didn't mine the one hit servers, so long as they were LAARK free

@ Darren

Manchester Cathedral, 20 vs. 20 - I can't count how many excellent hours I sunk into that setup. Some of the best MP gaming to be had!

Great times

thehitman1878d ago

Res:FoM is my top 3 shooters of this gen. It was so well balanced, the entire UI system like you stated was extremely good for a launch game, infact a lot of games still dont have as good as a UI system as that which is sad. I racked up so many hours on Res:FoM with my friend. I loved the matchmaking and ribbon/medal achievement system. If shadow fall does the same, which I dont really have high hopes for I will be on that thing for months.

ginsunuva1878d ago

40 player mp at the time was amazing!

The number of maps, game modes, and weapons were so huge that I don't think I got to play on every variation of each map throughout my 50 hours online.

sprinterboy1878d ago

Got pretty much all my psn buddies playing resistance

Pintheshadows1878d ago

I remember when I thought Resistance had pretty jaw dropping visuals.

WeAreLegion1878d ago

Resistance was a nice looking game, but nothing incredible for the time. However, both the game play and story were amazing! And the shattering effects of the windows totally blew me away. :)

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