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Submitted by VGSteve 841d ago | review

Batman: Arkham Origins Review | VideoGamer

VideoGamer: "Ultimately, this is like a cover song done by a band you're quite fond of. It may never be better than the original, but it's a great addition." (Batman: Arkham Origins, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360) 8/10

Ezz2013  +   841d ago | Well said
so far it's 9+/10 game for me

1.story is much deeper and stronger than both batman main games by far

2.the gameplay is also improved with new moves and gadgets

4.the music is too damn epic remind me of the Dark knight music

5.batman is very badass in this game and who made this game is indeed a real batman fan
he only miss KC voice but who's doing batman voice is doing very great job

6.side mission are much much better it's not even funny

7.this game respect batman enemies
and give you boss fights that are above and beyond batman main games

8.Crime in progress is much better than the lame crime missions in batman AC
you get to fight gangs and dirty cops and drug dealers etc get better puzzles in this game and other awesome surprises

10. the setting is much better and city feel dark and hopeless

i could go on but i will spoil the game by doing that
like i said
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-Foxtrot  +   841d ago
I'd rather give it a 6/7 to be honest, after playing it from this morning I just see that without Rocksteady it's lost it's touch. Not to mention it seems like the same old stuff we saw in Arkham City with a few new improvements here and there.

There's no big leap like Rocksteady did with Arkham Asylum to Arkham City and it's noticeable.

My advice if anyone is on the fence with buying it or not, just hold off and wait to see if the GOTY version will be on next gen versions. Thats what I might do, sell my copy now and put the money away untill it comes out.
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Ezz2013  +   841d ago
i disagree with all respect
i find this game to be much better than both batman main games in about every thing from story to gameplay to boss fights to music
and unlike both main titles
this game show batman enemies it their true form
the fight with deathstroke alone beat any thing io played in those two games
i can't see my self going back to them after this to be honest

we have very different opinions here my friend :)
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-Foxtrot  +   841d ago
Better then the past two games? Yeah really going to have to disagree with that. Considering this seems just like Arkham City with most stuff obviously reskinned. I can see familar streets and locations from the second game before it was turned into Arkham City.

Quite obvious that it's just been done to get as much out of people using the Batman franchise before next gen ends since Rocksteady is busy with their next game
Ezz2013  +   841d ago
again i disagree

this game offer 2 maps and just one of them is from arkham city plus the batcave
and of course that part from the city is reskined
did you forgot that it was part of Gotham city before it become Arkham city ?!
and they did a good job making it look very different to me
and i like how it look now and how dark the city feel much better than the "blue" arkham city

just like i said
we just have very different opinions here :)
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Pintheshadows  +   841d ago
Foxtrot, I'm not accusing you of anything, but I get the strong impression you haven't actually played it so you are in no real position to criticise it.

For example you state 'this seems just like Arkham City with most stuff obviously reskinned'. It seems that way? If you had played it surely you would know for sure. And you would also realise that it isn't at all. The map is vast. It is at least twice the size of Arkham City and it feels a lot more dense and packed with things to do as well.
-Foxtrot  +   841d ago

You say your not accusing me, then you do accuse me...thats like those people who say something racist and then go onto say "I'm not a racist but...."

I have played it, I got it early since I ordered it online. Sorry but it's just my own opinion of the game, it doesn't live up to what Rocksteady gave us in the past two games and they should of left the series alone. Either that or make a spin off using Arkhams gameplay elements. What about a Gotham by Gaslight game for example

Please don't be one of those users who despite not knowing anything of the user say they haven't played the game when they have.
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guitarded77  +   841d ago
This is fun to read... keep going guys. I get more from debating than any interview.

Personally, I'm waiting. I have a feeling this will end up on PS4/XBOX One eventually. Maybe a next-gen version with all the DLC... like Injustice.
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Pintheshadows  +   841d ago | Well said
Then why use language like 'seems' Foxtrot?

You are aware how that comes across are you not. And you are being incredibly vague in giving any solid details about the game. Why has it lost its touch? What areas do you think are weak in comparison to Rocksteady's Arkham games? Look at Ezz's comments. He is picking out specific areas of the game and commenting on them from an informed standpoint yet your counter argument is weak. I understand that it is your opinion and I respect that but at least form an argument that isn't devoid of any real critique.

You seem to be making broad sweeping comments on the game without offering much detail as to why you don't like it. The use of 'seems' is a huge red flag when it comes to criticising a game. There is no seems. There is only is.

And I reserve my right to call people out who seem to be suspiciously vague about a game they have supposedly played. I don't think you becoming defensive about it is really helping your cause very much. It is a discussion. I called you out and you answered. If you have played it I apologise, but from my point of view it doesn't seem like you have.
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Anzil  +   841d ago
Injustice isnt next gen its a ps4 exclusive
MadMax  +   841d ago
Yea, keep up the debates here. Im really on the fence here but after hearing what you were saying i might just hold off. I dont know, if it is just more of the same, then i think i will wait.

I loved both previous batman games, but i dont want to feel like im just playing some added dlc. Lego marvel seems like maybe the better choice for now. What do you think? Haha
king_george  +   841d ago
gotta agree with pintheshadows and Ezz2013. from the little bit of the game that I played, i could tell they made some really cool improvements on mechanics among other things. dont really see how u can call it a "6/10" unless you havent played it Foxtrot... it just "seems" that way lol
Yi-Long  +   841d ago
The game looks like fun. Maybe it's not as good as Asylum or City, but I'msure I'll enjoy it.

That said, the moment they (once again) announced all the DLC-milking and exclusive content and all that, it automatically means I'll wait for a GOTY/complete release.
Hayabusa 117  +   841d ago
This is interesting. I'm also on the fence with this game. Arkham City was an improvement on Arkham Asylum in almost every way, yet I couldn't shake the feeling that I was essentially playing an add on to Arkham Asylum. It just felt too familiar and samey.

Ezz's comments give me hope for Arkham Origins. Foxtrot's confirms my fears.

Ultimately I might take Foxtrots advice and wait for a game of the year edition, simply because there tends to be loads of DLC and stuff for the Batman games that I keep missing out on, so it might be better to wait and get a "fuller" Arkham origins experience. I just hope it get's ported onto PS4, or Sony get their online streaming service running soon :P

I liked Ezz's bullet point review as well, I'll be honest, I'm a bit tired of having to read reviews where I have to wade through the reviewer's pointless flowery word padding in order to get the actual impression of the game.
antz1104  +   840d ago
I think waiting for a GOTY depends on what you like from your Arkham games.

Personally Im not waiting because I dont care about challenge maps or skins. I'd rather play it now and pick up a story DLC when it comes out.
Chris558  +   841d ago
thank you based Joel i preordered this and blacklist for vita too hope it doesn't dissapoint AA and arkham city are two favorite games this gen for me
thricetold  +   841d ago
Been on this site for a while but it wasn't until now that I felt compelled to join up and comment. I love how you gave DETAILED examples of what you thought was changed/improved about the game.

I know we are all different and thus have different opinions, but I'm blown away at the nay sayers on this site, not just with this game, but with all things games.

Downing games without playing them and then trying to give the impression that they played it to give validation to their worthless opinion.

WHY? Why do this? it's cool to dislike a game AFTER you play it, but some of you people's post can easily be seen through. Do you all think everyone here is a child? It's insulting.

Here's a tip for all, your comments would be taken much more seriously if you give/gave examples of what you disliked instead of the general vague BS that indicates that you're just being hateful. And we ALL want our comments to be considered otherwise why bother even waste YOUR time?

If you are to comment, dammit at least back up your opinion with SOMETHING tangible.
optimus  +   841d ago
well to be fair most of the people on n4g are indeed "kids"... you can tell by the way they write.

as for Foxtrot, so what if he said "it seems like the same old stuff..."... he is not wrong to say that if he hasn't finished the game... i can sit here and say "the latest tomb raider seems like the last one" if i have not played it all the way through. I can't very well say that it IS when i'm only speaking for myself...

...Furthermore, why should he give details of what he didn't like? next thing you know he might say too much and spoil it for others that plan to buy it, and you'll have people come in and complain that he should have written "spoiler alert".

as for the game, if it is similar (see what i did there?) what's wrong with that if the last 2 were great? I know those 2 made me spend countless nights going to bed at 3-4am... not many games can make me do that so if this game is remotely close to the others than i consider that a good thing...

What people here need to understand that not everyone will like what the majority of the people like (hence all the disagrees when people favor anything xbox in here)... I hated Fallout 3 and Bioshock yet people were quick to call them game of the year and based on that i bought them and thought to myself "people are crazy for liking this crap."

By contrast one of the best game(s) i've played in the last few years and continue to play is pinballFX2 and some may think i'm crazy but it has tremendous replay value and usually that's more important to me than the constant running,jumping,shooting, and blowing stuff up (wash,rinse,repeat) that people go crazy for....

i will be buying batman origins eventually but i'm still busy trying to finish grand theft auto 5.
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warczar  +   841d ago

did you just say Pinball FX is better than Fallout 2 and Bioshock? Thank you, I haven't read something that hilarious in a long time.

The thing all the people trying to bash Foxtrot are missing is that the reviewer is the one who said that the game felt like dejavu. Foxtrot was just reiterating the sentiment expressed in the review and I'm willing to bet that there is a bit of the "I've played this before" feeling when you play the game. There is such a thing as franchise fatigue.
Morpheuzpr  +   841d ago
Yet COD get great reviews on a yearly basis. Just saying.
optimus  +   841d ago
@warczar... Did you even read what foxtrot was saying and the review?? The review said it was great just not as great as the others and foxtrot expressed his dislike for it because he PLAYED it early...
The feeling of "i played this before" is irrelevant here because pretty much EVERY game that has a sequel/prequel will give you that feeling because it's SUPPOSED TO that's why they made another game because the public liked it the first time around why would you as a developer change the game to the point of NOT making you feel like you played it before???... What is it with you people that complain when they change something and complain when they don't??...

If Foxtrot didn't like it that much why can't people accept that?? Just like you can't accept that i didn't like bioshock and Fallout...

and for the record i didn't actually say it was better, i said it had tremendous replay value which to ME was more important than typical stuff people go for these's better to ME in the sense that it keeps me entertained for hours and hours unlike the aforementioned games that people tend to praise...
that is MY taste. I'm a casual player, I'm an old school player, i get a feeling of excitement trying to beat my previous score or my friend's score on a pinball table then training, talking, fighting, my way from point a to b on one of those games...
not saying they are not fun getting there, just that once i do get from a to b, I no longer want to go from a to b again and the game collects dust on my shelf...another prime example would be the previous batman games...had fun playing them but once it was over i have no desire to play them again and instead i go back to playing pinballFX and it feels new to me each time...

i don't know, maybe it's the unpredictability of the ball or having spent an hour getting your highest score and waking up the next day to see your friend beat you by 2000 points raises my competitiveness and pushes me to have another go at it...i don't remember getting that feeling or urge with any other game in the last few years...but that's just me.
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thricetold  +   840d ago

"Furthermore, why should he give details of what he didn't like? next thing you know he might say too much and spoil it for others that plan to buy it, and you'll have people come in and complain that he should have written "spoiler alert". "

You are to tell me a person can't give ONE detailed example about something without spoiling something? If you say so.

"as for Foxtrot, so what if he said "it seems like the same old stuff..."... he is not wrong to say that if he hasn't finished the game"

I stated NOTHING about having to finish a game to have an opinion about it. I said you had to play it. And no, I don't believe he has. Period.

"What people here need to understand that not everyone will like what the majority of the people like"

And what you need to understand is that my post has NOTHING to do with a difference of opinions or what the majority of "others" like, it's about integrity.

Again it's cool to dislike/hate something that someone else likes as we're all different and every game/thing is not going to appeal to all, hell even the same game can be liked/hated for different reasons by the same fans, but one must possess first hand knowledge to have a valid opinion on something. Otherwise it's just rehashed dribble.

No one wants to read/hear rehashed dribble.
optimus  +   840d ago

Well for starters i was simply arguing the use of the word "seems" since that is what several people were using as a way to determine whether foxtrot played it or not...
They said he should have used "is" instead if he really played the game and that is NOT right because saying "the game is" would be like speaking for everyone, which he was not...his original review of the game said "...after playing it from this morning..." which would imply that foxtrot played it for a short time so his use of the word "seems" is appropriate in that context as it pertains to the english vocabulary.
I just mentioned it in reply to you as a compilation of everyone else's complaint against foxtrot since you SEEM to jump on that band wagon as well.

The theme of the complaint against him is whether or not he played it and i ask "why"? Like it would be impossible for foxtrot to get the game early...i could have gotten the game 2 days ago if i wanted from my local mom/pop store that usually releases games early (sometimes a week ahead) but decided to wait for reviews to come out and because i'm not done playing other games i have...

Bottom line is that you and a few others are convinced that foxtrot has not played the game because he expressed similar dislikes of what the review said which isn't fair and to some degree hypocritical as most if not all reviews end up being similar for ANY game...

When ign says the story,sound,graphics were amazing on whatever game that just came out and give it their score then chances are all other reviews (industry) will have something similar to say with the score not being that different, give or take it being 1 number higher or lower. Wouldn't you call THAT "rehashed dribble" as you put it?
Foxtrot's opinion is no different...
I think he played it, and i believe he didn't like it as much...that is all.
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thricetold  +   840d ago
"Bottom line is that you and a few others are convinced that foxtrot has not played the game because he expressed similar dislikes of what the review said"

You're one of those people that see what they want I see. I'll state it again as it seems the simplest issue here escapes your grasp, the problem is his generic responses with ZERO details of an example of what he disliked.

"The theme of the complaint against him is whether or not he played it and i ask "why"?"

I think it's been stated several times why no one believes he played it and it has NOTHING to do whether he got the game early or not.

"Like it would be impossible for foxtrot to get the game early...i could have gotten the game 2 days ago if i wanted from my local mom/pop store that usually releases games early."

Which has NOTHING to do with the subject.

As this is my last bubble please don't respond to me anymore as it's obvious your line of thought and comprehension lacks any real logical backing.

One last thing, I don't jump on bandwagons, I lead, address my comments and my comments alone when responding please.
#1.3.7 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
optimus  +   840d ago
Man you sure are dense, again, so what if he didn't give any details, he DOESN'T HAVE TO... he could just say "i played it, i found it repetitive, i didn't like it." that would be enough but apparently not for you...if that is all he wants to say then that is all he needs to say.

How high is the horse you are riding that you demand more proof?? ... the bandwagon has left; hurry up and catch it.
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yeahokchief  +   840d ago
Yep pretty much what I expected.

Decent game but not much different or better than the last one by some nobody group of developers isntead of rocksteady.

If I check it out, it won't be until it goes on sale super cheap. They make these too often for me to be buying them every year.
vikingland1  +   841d ago
For me more of the same is fine. There were so many years without any good Batman games. Now in the last few years we have 3 good Batman games.
Avengingkinght92  +   841d ago
Awesome! can't wait for my collectors edition.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   841d ago
Ooh that Joker figurine...
young7yang  +   841d ago
I must be the only one who thinks this game sucks.. Just because it has the name batman and features much in the same as arkum city I personally have not been impressed with this game..
CrimsonDragon90  +   841d ago
No one cares if you don't like Arkham Origins.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   841d ago
Cared enough to comment...
antz1104  +   841d ago
Chances are you haven't played it, and are just turned off by the generic complaint that Rocksteady isnt producing it.
young7yang  +   841d ago
Deadpoolio  +   841d ago
OR that it's a prequel....That is the other generic complaint that nitwits are crying about. Not that they have actually played it
antz1104  +   841d ago
I mean, come on. You spelled Arkham wrong.......its in the freakin title....
Anzil  +   841d ago
i know right....
Pintheshadows  +   841d ago
I think it is fantastic.

It refines so many areas of the game and the boss fights are simply fantastic. The best the series has seen. I swear people are looking for flaws in it because it isn't Rocksteady which is an insult to WB Game Studios who have done an excellent job.

Everything feels just as naturally implemented as it did in Rocksteady's games and I actually think that Gotham in Origins has a lot more to do than in City. And all of it feels more fleshed out. Side activities don't feel throw away and there is a lot more resistance for Batman to encounter than before. There is rarely a place where he is truly safe. It does feel like he is being hunted.

It also has a really good story behind it that makes it fit into the series. If you are going to do a prequel this is how it should be done. It is more of the same but how is that a bad thing when many aspects of the same have seen subtle improvements.
Ezz2013  +   841d ago
like always
agreed on everything
#5.1 (Edited 841d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
CrimsonDragon90  +   841d ago
I agreed with everything you said. Especially the part about people looking for flaws because Rocksteady is not developing it. It's not fair to judge this game and not give WB Montreal a chance. Anyways enjoy Origins.
rocky047586  +   841d ago
My biggest thing? I love how people are acting like Rocksteady are known for their great games when they have only released 2 games this gen, in fact they have only released 3 games since they started making games, Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City and Urban Chaos!

Lol. Give WB Montreal a break guys! It's their second time working on a Batman game as well, you know? They did the excellently ported Wii U version of the game as well to get a better understanding on how to handle the engine and assets.
#5.2.1 (Edited 841d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
webeblazing  +   841d ago
im downloading my copy now I couldn't really get into batman AC like everyone else did. im not sure why maybe it was the villains, or that I had too many games. so if what people are saying is true about improvements I should be good.
CrimsonDragon90  +   841d ago
I think is unfair that people are disliking this game, just because Rocksteady is not developing it. Well I bet everyone else had doubts about Rocksteady developing the first Arkham. They where Hardly known and just have developed one game urban chaos: riot response. So I'm a fair person I like to give everyone a chance.
bigboss1990  +   841d ago
Can't wait for mine now to arive tomorrow now you good people have said this is great lol but dose anyone think dead stroke looks like big boss lol he looks just like him lol
MR123_C  +   841d ago
Nice. I was starting to worry about this game. Love asylum and city, two of my favourites this gen
TripC50  +   841d ago
We are going to McDonalds, do you want anything?

..If you get this reference you are cool.
WitWolfy  +   841d ago
It's good but I wouldn't be surprised if this first was meant to be a Big ASS DLC before WB decided to make it a whole new game.
TopDudeMan  +   841d ago
I figured they would go the safe route and carbon copy arkham city. Not entirely a bad thing, but I'd have liked some innovation and for it to feel like the sequel (well, prequel) that it is.

I'll still play it for the story, but knowing it's more or less the same game, I'll probably hold off til I see it on a sale.
#10 (Edited 841d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
SkippyPaccino  +   841d ago
They gave it a 8/10 which is fair, taking away Points because the game felt like the previous ones and didn't change the formula too much... Then reviewers will turn around and give Super Mario 3d world a 9.5/10 with the exact same formula dating back as far back as the nes? LOL! No actual in game dialog, same stupid story, same platformer and basically the same mechanics.... And they wonder why nothing changes at Nintendo? Maybe it's the f-ing spineless reviewers to afraid to give it the 6.5/10 it really deserves
Orionsangel  +   841d ago
I'm sure it's a good game, but this series wore out it's charm. It peaked with Arkham City. Just like the Nolan series peaked with The Dark Knight. They couldn't top it.
Am_Ryder  +   841d ago
Agree with you about The Dark Knight- but this series? Imho, it peaked with Arkham Asylum. City was great, but the worse game I think. Too much fluff. Asylum was tight, intense, spot-on. And have you actually played Origins yet?
ZANIACK  +   841d ago
True. Much of Arkham City was really frivolous, especially those terrible Catwoman missions. Asylum is just a much more elegant and compelling game.
webeblazing  +   841d ago
yes that's maybe why I maybe couldn't finish the game. Asylum was the truth. A lot of times in batman AC things felt like a chore.
Ezz2013  +   841d ago
and Origins is much better than both IMO
i also agree with you on what you said about AC
alot of times i got bored with it fast and it did have very stupid boss fights asnd i hated Cat women missions
#12.1.3 (Edited 841d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Orionsangel  +   841d ago
AC had everything. The great voice acting and game play from AS. Gotham city and all the famous Batman villains. Open world. You could play as Catwoman. It had everything. What more could you ask for? It's my favorite.
bauer007  +   841d ago
It's absolute garbage, 3/10
Avengingkinght92  +   841d ago
Are you butt hurt?
CyrusLemont  +   841d ago
It's honestly on par with the previous Arkham games. They've improved on everything and the world is fantastic and the Arkham City area doesn't feel rehashed. Plus the story is well written and the music is brilliant. I can't see it getting anything less than an 8, but it's a 10 in my books because I'm a huge Batman fan :D
aLiEnViSiToR  +   841d ago
Cant wait to play BATMAN... from what i've seen and heard about Batman: Arkham Origins personally i would give it 86/100, score might change after i play it :D
crazysammy  +   841d ago
Im calling the authorities I want to see your green card!
_QQ_  +   841d ago
at first i wasn't too hyped for this game but my hype levels skyrocketed for some reason like a week ago.
Austin48  +   841d ago
I want this game so bad but I have been doing pretty bad on money I might have to wait
xKugo  +   841d ago
Well, the game is great for me. Side missions are deeper and story is much more entertaining than it's predecessors. Graphics on PC and WAAAAY better than PS3, which is what I played the first two games on. The difference in mind-boggling really; PhysX is an incredibly nice touch to the game and playing at 1080p/60fps is quite nice. So's a completely different experience for me.
redflamingo  +   841d ago
I second this. Loved the first two, but I'm playing this one in 3D with max graphics on a PC. Technically, the game is incredible, and I'm surprised with just how good everything else is so far. Only a few hours into the game, but there isn't the slightest bit of money-grabbing here. Warner Bros Montreal have used Rocksteady's efforts to boost their own careers as opposed to just being the middleman for a large cash-in on previous success. Game is great so far.
Gabriel1975  +   841d ago
I'm seeing some serious glitches. Invisible cryptographic sequencer, Batman stuck & unable to walk around (but able to look around), etc. The game story looks great and has the potential to be the best in the series; it just seems somewhat "choppy," like it wants to freeze up.
SlyGuy  +   840d ago
Yup, it looks awesome on PC and I really want to continue playing it, but there is a game-breaking glitch at the moment.

Sad, but it appears that vents could spell trouble for the caped crusader.
#20.1 (Edited 840d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Hanso  +   841d ago
ill wait for my Goty Edition
Max-Zorin  +   841d ago
Superman wishes he had a good game.
fsfsxii  +   841d ago
Superman 64...
Shnooze  +   840d ago
Oh now that's just mean.
FinalomegaS  +   841d ago
WB Montreal... must be 20 min from my office... Finally more Montreal goodness.
josephayal  +   840d ago
I pretty much expected that, Played about 2 or 9 hours last night and enjoying it so far. Seems like more of the same
fsfsxii  +   840d ago
2 or 9?? You passed out jumping from 2 to 9??

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