Dead Rising 3 :30 "Happy Together"

Welcome to the After Party. The new generation of zombies is deadlier and hungrier. The end of the world has never looked so fun. Dead Rising 3. Coming November 22, 2013. Only on Xbox One.

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Ksar1879d ago

Very good commercial. Fantastic use of that song too.

iceman061879d ago

LOVE that song!!! Takes the "edge" off of the situation and makes it actually funny.

corvusmd1879d ago

I'm a fan of the game, but sorry I hate that song, it's almost as stupid as the PS4 commercial with "perfect day"

bacrec11879d ago

I hate that commercial lol

1879d ago
BigShotSmoov0071879d ago

Whats more boring, this or the perfect day commercial lol.

BigShotSmoov0071879d ago

True True lol. At least we know that the consoles are coming at least but shesh those are some bad commercials.

Riderz13371879d ago

How are they bad? Either you guys have some ridiculous standards for commercials, or you're not watching the same video I am...

Dragonborn3121879d ago

So excited for this game. Love the use of the song!

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