Adrian Chmielarz (Gears of War: Judgment) Talks About Frame Rate Vs. Resolution

Adrian Chmielarz, Former Creative Director at Gears of War: Judgment Talks About Frame Rate vs. Resolution.

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cbuc11251850d ago

Its impossible for 720p to be sharper and more detailed than 1080p...regardless of the frame rate. Frame rate is for fluidity, not sharpness. He needs better bifocals.

Funantic11850d ago

I guess you know better than him.

cbuc11251850d ago

yes i do. i have 20/20 vision...he doesnt.

hay1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Not so easy here I'm afraid.
In subsequent Tweet he references movies(motion blur) and 24p(motion blur, brain filling time between frames with copied images).
More frames will produce better result than multiplying pixels if done right, but then again, as an example are used cameras with HUGE fps recording capabilities.
In a matter of capturing analog, real life information which is getting lost during digitalisation, multiplying frames will do a lot of good(up to 60fps, standard for monitors and tvs to keep our brain frequency within half-assed single threaded capacity).
But games are generating image based on raster images, geometry and perspective transformation to recreate near-to-analog image which isn't as perfect as optical depth of view, multiplying fps won't get us as far as with movies as we still struggle to get anywhere close our eyes-perceived visual fidelity within virtual fiction.

Depends on the context which is "better". But it's definitely impossible to make such statement 100% right within one Tweet.

zpoc1850d ago

this is something that developers are going to really have to hammer home over and over again because most people don't understand that framerate and overall fidelity are going to matter more to make a game look 'good' than a higher resolution. by the end of this gen, most games will be rendered at 720p to 900p no one should care as long as the games, you know, actually look good.

Skate-AK1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Haha. The comments to his tweet are cracking me up. Especially this gem from "Tim Dog." "yeah I think Adrian stepped on his d****. He went silent UFC 1080P 30FPS s**** on his point. F*** OFF ADRIAN P****"