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Guacamelee! Joins PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection

DrinkBox Studios’ brilliant brawling platformer has joined November’s PlayStation Plus content, so you’ll be able to download it at no extra cost if you’re a subscriber to the service in Europe.

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GryestOfBluSkies1003d ago

amazing game! it was worth every penny i paid for it. (free would have been nice tho)

RiPPn1003d ago

Glad this is EU, I just bought it a month ago and don't want to have Plus Regret. haha

GryestOfBluSkies1003d ago

Europe always has a better selection. i get a little jealous sometimes! the NA selection definitely keeps me busy tho, so no complaints here

ziggurcat1003d ago

if anyone here doesn't have this game, it is a must have. super fun, filled with memes/video game references, and challenging.

patsrule3161003d ago

Bought it on sale a few months ago for my vita. It is probably my favorite game I've had for it. Very will done. You won't be disappointed, Europe!

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